Sunday Chat, your ingenious use of scraps and some more MMM14 shots...

Hello everyone - rather a long title to the blog today, but it's really not a title, more in the way of prelude of this blog post to come.

Firstly, I loved your recent comments about your use of scraps of fabric - everything from pet beds to stuffing for soft toys (from the leftovers of serged edges).  Amazing!!  You have got me thinking of ways to use my scraps more inventively.
Secondly, I was right in not committing to me made garments each day of the week during MMM14- as luck would have it, I had a flare this week, and was a little stiff and sore.  I have managed to sew a bit everyday, but it has been hard work.  I took Friday off, as that was  my worst day, and I was  really not functioning!  I'm pleased to say the aches are settling, week 2 of the flare is on its way and I will get better again.  I'm used to the cycle now so try not to get too upset by it (I suffer one of the rheumatoid syndromes - not a joint one, thank goodness,  just mixed connective tissue inflammation).  I would not have enjoyed or been up to the  effort needed  this week for MM documentation everyday.  I did take a few random shots though, and was surprised by how often I wear me mades, even when I think I am not really wearing them.

Of course, the new PJ pants (McCalls 6173) are worn everyday:

These PJ pants are cut from a leggings pattern - just a very much larger size.

I also wore my new crepe pants (variation of Kwik Sew 2960) to work one day:

I varied these by making the waist a little larger and using elastic in a waistband instead of a zipper and waistband and fastener.  A quick and simple make.

 And my white me- made  t-shirt (Kwik Sew 3766) to the supermarket  yesterday:

Again, this is a quick and simple top to make -I was still very new to knits when I made this - and  this pattern is  a very good one for beginners:

I am finding that I like to wear my me mades - they feel good and fit better than RTW.  Hopefully I will be able to replace my wardrobe one day and have a total me made wardrobe.  I'm not even half way there yet - I've really only just started :)

Well, that's it today.  I have actually completed a skirt but my energy is still low, so I will blog about that next week.  And I am going to make a skirt from two leftover bits of fabric next - your stories about how you use scraps has inspired me.  This will be quite a fun project - making two different dyelots of black work well together.  The secret ingredient:

Yes - I'm hoping to trick the eye into not noticing the colour variations.  This will be this weeks project - simple and relaxing, because really, you can't go wrong using scraps and a TNT - I hope!!
I hope you all have a great week, wherever you are,
Sarah Liz :)


  1. I'm not surprised that you are finding you are wearing more Me Made garments that RTW, as you say the fit is better and they fit your/our liftestyles so much better. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I am enjoying seeing you wear your Me-Mades. I decided that I will do a round-up collage at the end of the month.

    Hope you feel better and get some sewing done!

  3. Good job!
    & I love how you post the pattern picture along with the clothing picture...
    :-) Chris

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Me mades are definitely more fun to wear, mainly because they fit better. I'm sure you'll have a completely self-made wardrobe soon.

    1. Thank you Lisa, and yes, I plan to have a me made wardrobe one day !

  5. I so hope you are feeling better and back on your feet. All your Me-Mades are lovely and fit you so well. I've also noticed when I wear my Me-Mades it's a subconscious self-confidence booster knowing I've made the clothes I am wearing. One of those 'priceless' feelings things. And have fun putting your new skirt together! Look forward to seeing your creative results!

  6. So sorry you have been done.. Hope your feeling better soon..
    Love seeing all your me mades being worn.. Happy sewing.

  7. Like Sharon, I'm not surprised you are enjoying wearing your own creations. I find it very rewarding to have an entirely me-made wardrobe. I hope you enjoy working with your scraps too :)

  8. Your me-mades are always great to see. I am so sorry about your flare. Please take the time to rest and get through it the way that works best for you. I'll be thinking about you.


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