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Summer, I'm ready and waiting with New Trousers

  Well, here in Australia it is mid winter, but I'm sewing ahead, and these are my new lightweight chambray typs pants. I use the pants  from Burda 6985.    I originally thought I would use this pattern to make dressy trousers with.   I liked the style on the pattern, but as you know, what looks good in pictures does not always translate into such a good look when sewn: Now, as you can see, these pants look really slim through the leg on the model, but less so on me.  Now, my legs are about the same width as the models legs are, so why are mine baggy and hers not???  I suspect some tweaking with the pattern to get the slim look.  Of course, most people don't have stick thin legs, so I suspect on many people the fit is slim. I was also worried about the pockets, which seemed to be quite a large opening - I thought they would have a tendency to gape, and with the fabric I was planning to use for this suit:    Not the look I would want!!  No, this fabric is

My new tablecloth trousers - aka a wearable muslin.

This is my test version of the trousers from the pattern  Burda 6985.  I liked the suit, and planned to make it in a piece of fabric I do not want to ruin.  So I decided a test garment was needed to check the look and style of these pants. I was worried that the pants were a bit short for the look I wanted, and that they may have been too narrow at the hemline for the  look I want.   The line drawing indicates that the pants are quite generous through the hip, although they look less so on the model - but then, there is probably a large bulldog clip "fitting" the pants at the back.  That's what happens in photoshoots.  Don't believe the great fit you see, it's usually obtained by all sorts of tricks of the styling trade. This was the fabric I had in mind: I would hate to ruin this fabric by poor choice of style, so I proceeded cautiously.  First I made a muslin to check fit.  I cut size 8 hips, crotch and legs, merging into size 12 at the w

My new leatherette skirt...

  Never ever ever ever was Sarah Liz going to make a faux false leather anything.  Ever.  At All. Until now, that is.  I happened to see this faux leather in Spotlight, and it was 40 % off, which made it only about $12.00 for fabric, plus thread and zip.  I loved the colour and decided to buy it. I decided to use a straight skirt pattern I have used before: This is a basic straight skirt, front and back darts with a  godet at the hem at the rear of the skirt.  I did not use that, instead extending this part of the CB seam into a kick pleat. As this fabric cannot be ironed (it's sort of PU sprayed onto polyester jersey) as it would melt, I had to decide how to flatten the seams.  I decided on to fold the seam over (like a flat fell, one seam trimmed back, and the other folded over, but not pressed under), and then top stitch it. I inserted an invisible zip, and also finished below that with the same seam method. For the waistband, I thought this fabric wou

Look ....Holes in my good knit top...

I have a nice little twin set, made out of merino wool, that I have never worn because it was "too good" and was being "saved" for the right sort of occasion. Well, this was not a good idea, because either the fabric has degraded (textiles do decompose over time ) or a moth (or something else) had a meal.  I think it was degradation, because the top had two holes, and the cardigan had an area that was thinning and doing "something" but did not seem to be eaten.  I also store my woolens in a highly toxic environment of moth/insect repellents ( probably not very environmental, but then, I only tolerate so much nature eating my clothes)  and none of my newer woollies had any sign of a problem. I was a little miffed, as you can understand.  I decided that somehow I was going to salvage these garments and then wear them a lot.  I shall also wear anything else deemed "too good to wear"before it suffers the same fate!! I decided a piece of lac