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We all have these weeks...

We all have those weeks where nothing quite goes right, and not much sewing gets done either.  I've just had one of those. And another one of those days.  Capped off with now the internet is as slow as paint drying.  Frustrating! Enough grumbles.  On the plus side this week, I got the dreaded BAS out of the way ( a quarterly impost from the Tax Office, AND,  I actually got a slab of my first assignment done.  I find it very tedious - the subject matter was as boring as.  So I fidgeted and fidgeted but still I persevered, and now I can see it will happen. So, I didn't do much sewing.  I did run up a calico, then decided I didn't like it: It's a Katherine Tilton Jacket, Butterick  5891.  Here is the line drawing.   I thought the long sleeve jacket looked quite interesting, but the calico makes me think twice.  I hated it when I first tried it on, but the more I look at it, the more I wonder if it does have some sort of potential.  I'll keep

Test Garment, Marcy Tilton Jacket V8982.

Here it is - my first version of Marcy Tilton's unlined jacket - Vogue pattern 8982.  I say first, because I love this little jacket and there will be more... This is the one of the variations of the jacket shown on the pattern envelope,  for those of you unfamiliar with this pattern: And the line drawings: As you can see from the picture on the model, this jacket is extremely wide over the shoulders. While the jacket looks fitted, when I read the measurements on the pattern pieces, I knew it was not this fitted - size 8 had a finished bust of 39.5 inches.    Now, if I make a size 12 jacket, that usually finishes around 39 inches, which gives quite a few inches ease for wearing garments underneath.  So, I decided that size 8 would probably be about the right size for a loose jacket.  I wanted a combination of View B jacket  and View D sleeves First I made a quick muslin to check the size: I decided that this was about right - it is a loose, unli

Back and Sewing

Hello everyone I've been back from Residential School for a few days.  It was quite a long session - 7 full days of lectures, plus 2 days to travel to the University.   Very intense, as there was a lot of new material to learn.  I was so tired that I couldn't do much for a few days - except of course the chores.  And we were told by our lecturer to enjoy the weekend as we had been so busy.  so I started making my Marcy Tilton jacket, which is also my garment of the month for the make a garment a month challenge.   I am making the long sleeve version.  Progress was slow over the weekend due to my tiredness, but it is slowly coming together.  I was at work yesterday, and studying today - so I am now sewing  a bit each day - yesterday I made up the sleeves, tonight I will set them in, then the next stage buttonholes, and buttons and finishing.  I hope to be able to show you the completed garment on the weekend.  It does look good... I've already enjoyed catching

My News and New Sewing Plans...

Hello everyone, I'm away at the moment, and have scheduled this post.  I've taken my tablet (gift from DH so I could keep in touch with you all), so hope to be able to keep up with your blogs in the evening. I need to tell you my news - you might remember a few months ago my husband had to move his practice - I keep things in order there now.  It was a rather tedious and busy time.  I had also been accepted into an Honours course (Psychology) but quickly found I could not make the deadlines with all the stresses and time issues with the practice, so I had to remove myself from the course. As you know, I did not enjoy that decision. That, I thought, was that. But... I've got things more under control now - and the big scanning project is going to be broken down into small chunks and tackled over the next two summers.  It can't run my life. Why??? Because... Prior to accepting this place, I had also been offered a place in a fourth year graduate program in

Reviewing the Pledges

Today is July 1st, the start of a new financial year in Australia.  I thought this was a good time to do a mid year appraisal of my sewing goals as I seem to have failed miserably on my new year pledges - especially with regards to stash busting. I  have continued to stash gloriously.  And recently, I have built up a new stash in colours that suit me more - my old stash was very ho hum navy, black and white. Very classic, and will never date, but I'm a summer (or cool, muted, soft and lighter for those of you more familiar with that terminology)and need softer colours, especially now I am older. Stash in new palette of summer colours I will of course use my old stash - a sewer never ever ever gets rid of stash!  Some fabrics I don't like at all anymore, and I'll use these for muslins and test garments. Suddenly I am finding that I no longer have a desire to stash.  I have a great selection of fabrics now, and a great collection of patterns, and now I want to se