Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Chat - The Pleasure Returns :)

Relief Strikes!!  My final assignment has been uploaded today, so I can enjoy your blogs, blogging on my blog, and making sewing plans again.

My first set of plans are to use bits of stash that are annoying me - they are not really big enough to make a whole garment with, but too nice to throw away.  I'm going to use a Sandra Betzina dress pattern, but  shorten it to make a top.  

One view has pleats, the other view is plain - I'll be making that, as I only have 80 cm of 110 fabric - a beautiful fine linen - why I bought such a small amount in the first place is a total mystery to me now, but I can only imagine it was on a sale table for a very small price.  I've had it in the stash for a long time now - at least 20 years, so it is well and truly time for it to be used :).

I'll have to find something else for the side panels and lining - I'm going to raid the scrap basket to see what is hiding in there that can be used.

I have made the muslin -that was an easy job to do today:

The muslin doesn't really look very inspiring, but it looks quite nice on.  And I can squeeze the main pieces (not the sides) out of the lovely linen.

If I like the result, I'll make a second version using this lovely fabric as the centre panel:

This is a nice quality craft cotton - I only purchased half a metre (112 wide) as I was going to use it as a trim  and copy a Prada jacket two years ago - but I never did, and I don't like that idea anymore in any case.  It was expensive ($24.99 per metre), so it needs to be used while it can be - and with colour blocking still a trend, I think it's now or never.  I'll put it with some navy cotton.

I've also got some leftover stripe fabric, so I'll make a couple of skirts - this is sort of a fabric I like now, but not to stash.  This striped fabric was cheap and was bought to fill wardrobe gaps now, using quick and simple patterns, but was not something I would buy to stash because it is just too good to resist :)  I like it, but I like it for now, if you understand what I mean ....

Well, that's the start of the next batch of plans - in between catching up with all the officework I have ignored for the last few weeks - of course, I've done the have- to- do jobs, but not the others !

Do have a good week everyone, where- ever you are,

Sarah Liz


  1. Colour blocking is a gift to sewists, and I am making similar plans Sarah Liz. There are tops and dresses with plain black backs, contrast bindings, and often one or two prints in there too. Happy sewing, and may the top turn out brilliantly! Congrats on the final assignment, too :)

  2. You certainly deserve some quality time with your sewing machine after finishing all those assignments! Have fun!

  3. Congratulations on the final assignment. I hope you can really relax for a while :)
    I love both of your fabrics and looking forward to see the finished garments.

  4. Yay for handing in the final assignment!

    The dress will be beautiful.

  5. Congratulations on finishing final assignment. Happy stitching with upcoming projects.

  6. Welcome back to the fun part of sewing!

  7. Isn't it nice to be let off the study leash! Nice plans.

  8. I understand those quick and easy projects with go-to fabric. Those help with the stress of school (or at least in my case they do!!).

  9. I bet it feels fantastic to have that last assignment done and uploaded. Looks like you will be sewing to make up lost time. Love the striped fabric.

  10. Ooooo, I like your plans. The blue 'starry night' fabric is lovely and will make a pretty top. Understand completely about what you mean 'like it for now'! Once 'now' passes, the admiration of the fabric fades. Have lots of those in my stash. Congratulations on completing your assignments!!! Glad you can 'breathe' again and return to 'life'!

    1. Yes, some fabrics fade fast ...when that happens, I use them for house garments or trial runs of a pattern. Mostly I stash classic fabrics, I have learnt my lesson with of the moment fashion fabrics :)

  11. Nice to know you'll have more time for sewing now, Sarah Liz. Look forward to seeing your new creations.