2015 - My First Post! a little skirt...

Happy New Year everyone - I hope all your sewing dreams for the year come true:). 

I'm not really sure that this is a 2015 garment because I finished it yesterday - New Year's Eve, so I really think it is the last garment of 2014.

I'm glad I finished it "last year" because this skirt used pieces of fabric retrieved from a wadder.  Things like that annoy me - I like ticking things of the list and putting things in order.  So, I decided to try a new style of skirt - a gored skirt, because I could cut it from the small strips of fabric I had.

The fabric is a cotton poplin, originally from Spotlight.

There were two contenders, a Vogue Pattern, and  Burda Pattern:

Vogue 7937.
Burda 6895.

I chose the Burda pattern because I have a very straight-ish  sort of shape and I thought this might suit me better than the Vogue pattern.  And I also wanted to see how Burda skirt shapes work on me.

It's a six gore slightly pegged skirt.

I cut size 10 hips, and 12 waist, and added a smidgen more at the side seams and CF/SF seams.  Just to give me a little more over the tummy area.  The waistband was narrow and I added an extra half an inch, which was needed to accommodate the skirt hook closure.

I also added 1.5 inches in length.

I am not sure where is is supposed to sit - the line sketches suggest lower than the natural waist, while the picture of the model suggest very firmly on the waist.

So I made the skirt up, with a waistband the same size as my other non elastic waistbands.

It looked a bit shapeless - so I added some elastic at the back waistband.

It was a straightforward make, and even my lapped zip went in perfectly:

The seams at the CF/SF and CB/SB were topstitched

While this skirt had a kick pleat at the back, my skirt ended up not having one.  Burda does kick pleats a little differently from the Big 4.  The shape is cut at a 90degree angle from the CB seam.  I decided to angle this area like the Big 4 doe on their kick pleats facings, to make the over-locking process easier.  Mistake - when I came to fold the kick pleat as per the Burda instructions, I found that my trimming was all wrong :).  Ohh, for not following instructions to the letter with a new technique and knowing so much better!

So I made a split instead.  The split was then too long and showed too much leg, so I had to lengthen the CB seam.  That meant the facing pieces were way above the end of the split.   I needed to make my stitching to anchor the split look deliberate - so out with the buttons:

I think this looks nice - the buttons go with the polka dots and make a nice feature Of course, interfacing was applied to the split facing and under the buttons.

Okay, now for the view - I'm wearing a little camisole here so I can show you the skirt properly.  I would never wear this look in real life, although plenty do!

 I think the front looks quite like the pattern envelope :)

Side view
 They never show you side view on pattern envelopes, but I think this looks okay :)

Back view
 Duhhh, I forgot to make sure the CB and split were sitting right in the centre of my back.    Still, it gives you an idea.  Of course, there is slight fullness over the bottom because of the elastic in the back area of the waistband - mind you, if I get bigger, I will still be able to wear the skirt :)

(Aren't these blog photos wonderful for finding out things - it looks like I have a patch of dermatitis on my left shoulder blade - I shall deal with that - out with the Celestone twice a day for a while).

Now, one problem I have with fitted skirts is that they tend to show up my tummy - I mean, all the bits that work have to go somewhere, so as I don't have width to accommodate the inner workings ,  I have a little round deep tummy - biology is a wonderful thing :).

 Which means skirts don't sit that well on me often - but with a top over, no one can tell.  And anyway, you don't normally point at your tum do you, you might look more like this:

That's it for the 2014 sewing - now I'm off to rummage through the stash to find the fabric for my first 2015 sewing project.

One again, for those of you that missed my "official" Happy New Year blog post , I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New  Year.

I hope it's your best yet for sewing...

Sarah Liz


  1. Congrats on your first make of the year Sarah. Nice skirt!

  2. Nice skirt, Sarah Liz. I love polka dots and the buttons are a nice touch. A very happy sewing New Year.

  3. As a polka dot fan, I am very smitten with your skirt, Sarah Liz. It looks beautifully constructed and fitted, and it has a happy vibe. Happy New Year!!

    1. Thank you Patricia - yes, I took care with this one. I love gingham as well - classic patterns :)

  4. Love your new skirt...The polka dots are just perfect.and adding the buttons just made it perfect..
    I think this is one of the best skirts you have made..
    Happy sewing and Happy New year..

  5. What a nice way to end 2014 and begin 2015 with a cute skirt. Love the color and polka dots. Happy New Years and here is to may successful stitches for us all!

  6. Sarah, the buttons were the perfect solution here! Cute skirt! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. I really like this fabric and the buttons are a novel solution. I have to admit that my local fabric shop had a sale today so I bought more fabric -- I should have read your post first and rummaged in my stash!

    1. Thank you Annie - and don't worry, I add to the stash more than rummage through it :)

  8. That is a lovely skirt and the buttons make it special. I love the freshness of spots.

  9. The buttons are such a cute touch!

  10. Such a lovely skirt. I like the style and the fabric. Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  11. A great little skirt and the additions of the buttons works. Wishing you a very happy 2015.

  12. Very cute. I just finished sewing my daughter some polka dots shorts - polka dots like this are a fun neutral - they still go with so much. I should have taken a photo before she took them away with her.

  13. Lovely skirt in such a cute polka dot print! I like the idea of adding a little elastic at the back.... and the buttons at the split add a nice interest there too. Look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you'll make this year!


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