Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Big Thank You to Two Ladies - BeaJay and Elizabeth.

I have had two delightful surprises recently.  The first came from BeaJay, who was celebrating her third blogoversary by giving away a gift to the person who had commented most on her blog this year.

I was thrilled and surprised to find it was me, and BeaJay gave me a $35.00 voucher for whatever I liked (sewing related) where I like.  BeaJay's post is here :

After some humming and haaa-ing (not sure how to spell that) I thought I would get something really special that I would not buy for myself.  I settled on some silk satin to line the Chanel jacket I am going to make one day.  Only when it arrived, I also thought it would make a stunning blouse. 

It's actually a silk seersucker, which, for the Chanel jacket option would be fantastic, because you have to quilt the jacket - and the seersucker lines would make that job much easier.  And look good too.

Here's a snapshot of the fabric:

The colour does not replicate well in a photo - in proper light this is a deep fuschia - absolutely luscious.  As I have a choice of black, grey, and navy fabrics which are contenders for the jacket, this would go with any of them.

I've put this away carefully, and made a little stash card:

And labelled it "BeaJay"so that when this does get used (which may take a few years) I can remember to tell her :).


The second lovely surprise was the receipt of an email from Elizabeth, who wanted to know if I would like a pattern making book called Principles of Garment Cutting (pattern making)  by E.L.G. Gough.

This book was a textbook in the N.S.W. technical sewing colleges and was written in 1951.  Interestingly I already owned it's forerunner, published in 1928.  It's always interesting to see the changes over a few decades.  The biggest changes were in lingerie, and this book has some lovely brassiere and petticoat patterns - I'm sure Gaultier would be impressed :).  I'd like to try these one day.

Elizabeth also had a 1989 Burda (Italian version) that she did not need.  I loved this magazine - in 1989 I was not able to sew much, and stopped buying Burda, so this was a lovely trip down the memory lane of lost sewing possibilities.

Just look at the quality of the garments - Burda has certainly changed over the last few years.  I especially liked this wonderful gored skirt, which is on my to make one day list:

The straight skirt is lovely too.

So a big thanks to both of you - I was quite overwhelmed by these thoughts.

Sarah Liz


  1. You are most welcome. It does look lush.

  2. How nice of BeaJay and Elizabeth. Labelling the swatch as you have is a great idea. Don't wait too long before making your Chanel jacket!

  3. How nice of BeaJay and Elizabeth. Labelling the swatch as you have is a great idea. Don't wait too long before making your Chanel jacket!

  4. it would make a lovely blouse, lucky you.

  5. What beautiful fabric, and in my favourite colour, too. A Chanel jacket is a special treat for yourself - I hope we see it some time soon. Drooling over the idea of the silk with navy, mmmm, yummy.
    What lovely ladies, BeaJay and Elizabeth are.

  6. Mao cool!!! A very nice bounty of riches there!

  7. What nice friends! Isn't the sewing world a wonderful place to be. Love this community.

  8. Such sweet ladies.. and I know you were so happy with the blessings.
    Love your choice of fabric..Gorgeous..
    and the books.. just fantastic..
    Enjoy and have a great day.