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March review.

  No, I have not disappeared into the dark nether regions of the blogosphere, never to be heard or seen again.  It's just that I haven't posted for the last two weeks because I have been so busy  sewing   studying hard.    There is a lot of writing we have to submit early next week.  I have made two things, and of course, my usual sewing substitute when studying, stashing on the side. Stashing: A piece of knit, and a lovely wool/polyester blend tweed. Poplin, for when I next need to make DH a nightshirt. Polyester ponte and ?acrylic rib knit from Op Shop. Stashed: 1 metre of cotton, nylon/ Spandex knit 2 metres of black and white tweed 2.5 metres of polyester knit from op shop 2 metres  of polyester ponte weight knit, op ship 8 metres of nightshirt fabric for replacements, DH. This doesn't really count as it is not for me! Purchased and used - 2 meters of fleecy Used from stash - 2.1 of poly/nylon rib (jacket)  So, the stas

Butterick 5926 Jacket - The Fleecy Version

It's done - I have finally made the planned fleece jacket.  It was a little hard going as I have not sewn sweatshirt fleece before (tracksuit fleece) and I did not know it's little ways.  Plus I came down with the most awful head cold.  That's why I have cut my face out of the picture - I have a red nose, and then underneath that, a large cold sore that erupted.  Normally I am quite relaxed about photos, but even I have limits!. Anyway, back to the jacket.  The pattern is Butterick 5926, designed for knit fabrics:   I made the test version immediately prior to this one and have blogged about the process and any pattern alterations here, if you are interested in finding out about this. I made this version out of polycotton sweatshirt (tracksuit) fleece, purchased from Spotlight. I cut just a smidge more on the jacket side and sleeve seams as I thought the turn of cloth may take up a bit of room.  I did not want a tight jacket as I may wear it over card

A Great Wearable Muslin Jacket - Butterick 5926.

I want to make a fleecy jacket (sweatshirt fleecy in the U.S., tracksuit fleecy here ) for smart casual wear for the cooler months.  The pattern I think would work for this is Butterick 5926: This is a simple, unlined jacket sized for knits.  It has a centre back seam and front darts, and one piece sleeves: Two lengths with patch pockets and two sleeve lengths.  I chose the shorter jacket, with long sleeves.  I rummaged through the stash and found this piece of knit, a polyester/nylon rib knit that I didn't like (I'm not a polyester person) purchased on one of Spotlight's special buy tables for $5.00 a metre.  I thought it would be ideal for trialing this jacket: First I made a quick muslin - even fabrics I don't like and am going to make into a test/muslin garment get a quick fitting muslin: I cut size 10 for most of the garment, with size 12 through the sides as I found that the jacket was just too fitted for my mid section.  The darts were

Sewing for my lifestyle...

Why have I started this post with the image of a small plane?  Well, I was prompted to think about my style identity a little this week after reading a blog post written by an image consultant.  While I often read her posts I often identify very little.  One statement she made this week was that she was adventurous.  Now I have never claimed to be adventurous, but then I thought I a little more about my life, and why my style identity can be somewhat eclectic.  I was born in England, so I have an  underlying  English style identity (classic, elegant clothes) but it is also very Australian (much more casual and I have had limited opportunities for elegance!) as I have lived here for most of my life.  We migrated to Australia when I was 10 after my father was headhunted for a position in Sydney, We found that we had been a bit misled and that my father's vision was not going to work-  so off we went, overland, to Adelaide - and no job in sight.  My father did get the contract t

Finished Nightshirts and February Review

February has been a bit of a blah month with a visit from my old friend, chronic sinusitis.  After some assertive management, I seem to be on the mend, which is just as well, because I officially start study tomorrow.  So for the next few months sewing will be focused on simple projects that I can sew each day as a reward for doing my study.  This month I managed to make four garments - and two of these were nightshirts for DH.  They will be a gift for his birthday in May.  I had to do quite a few buttonholes, and did not use my domestic machine  which does an automatic computerised buttonhole, but opted for operator skill on my heavy duty machine.  I thought it would do a better job of making a buttonhole that has to last a few years: Not easy to do when you  have a sore face and head :).  Everything has to be measured and drawn, but the stitching is always very even - but you do have to be careful  not to accidentally move left or right of the line you have drawn.