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Into the Eye of the Storm

This week I returned from Residential School and was greeted by a fierce storm.  Power went out about 0200 on Monday night.    I awoke on Tuesday to the fury of very fierce winds and rain.  Our intrepid receptionist had gone to work as her power was out and she knew the hospital where the rooms are situated would have emergency generator power - she wanted her coffee!  That was wonderful, because she cancelled all the patients.  I asked her to go home early while it was still daylight. Luckily I have a gas cook top, so I could cook and boil water. Then  I noticed the drip and hastily put a container under it: The drip seemed quite large:  So, as DH was at home, all patients cancelled, we went into the roof space to see what the problem was: As you can see from the light, two slate tiles have come out. We put a large container under the hole.  Later that night we bucketed it out - no fun for DH who had to bend double in that part of t

Vogue 8793. A Trial Run T-Shirt.

Somehow this week I managed to put together this little t-shirt top thing-ey.  I had a piece of very, very, very stretchy knit that I was not sure what to do with. And I wanted to see what this top made up like. I like it and think it can have many uses.  But first I wanted to trial it before getting to excited about it :) The pattern I used is Vogue8793, a Katherine Tilton design. As you can see, it is quite loose around the middle in the top photographs.  When I looked at the pattern shapes this was confirmed. I cut size S,  but reduced the tummy area by 3 cms on both  front and back pieces, especially as I was using a very stretch knit.  I also did not want zips in the collars, or a double collar, so I settled on just the main collar, which is cut on grain.  This means it doesn't stretch much, so stabilizing the rather large neck hole. I also decided to use a piece of leftover stable knit as one of the layers of the collar as the knit I was using was very stretchy in

A Shirt in Haste

Somehow this week I have nearly completed two assignments (one to rework, one to just edit and send upline and made this shirt  this week- rather in haste at night, so my technique is not the best.  And my technique is never up to best with knits in any case - I'm still getting the hang of them.   llll I decided to use a stable knit for this shirt as it had details that are shirt-like, if that makes sense, and knits and I are not friends at the best of time, so I thought it would be a good idea to make this in something that wasn't going to give me too hard a time. The fabric used is a combed cotton, from Spotlight.  It's warm and cosy. The first thing I did was to make a muslin: The shirt was far too long, so I removed 1 and 3/4 inches. The sleeves were too long as well, so I shortened them 1 1/4 inches over two L/S lines on the sleeve pattern piece. The shoulders were too wide: So I altered this area of the pattern and removed half an inch