Back to Basics 2 - The T-Shirt Collection.

As you all know, I am in the middle of replacing all my tatty old t-shirts with nice new me-made ones, a project that was seriously daunting when first contemplated six t-shirts ago.

The navy cotton is a combed cotton jersey, purchased from Spotlight, for $11.99 per metre.  I used 2 metres of 112 wide, but did not have matching rib.  And, I have found out I really need 2.1 metres of 112 to squeeze out two t-shirts.  Luckily, wouldn't you know it, I had another piece of this in my stash (cos I stash fabrics that are hard to get in multiple quantities sometimes) and so could cut the neckband strips from that.  A slightly different dyelot but that is okay.

The pattern I used was my usual TNT t-shirt, Kwik Sew 3766.


The neckband in the pattern is about 6/8 inch wide folded and finished.  It is cut shorter than the neckband, and when I made this pattern in combed cotton a few weeks ago,  and used the pattern piece, this is the result I got:


All puckered and pulling.  Pressing was not going to make this look much better.  I removed the neckband, and added extra length to match the neckline  length, and got this result:

And resorted to rib, cut to pattern width and length, which worked perfectly:

As I did not have rib this time, I though I would use the same fabric, cut to much the same length as the neckline but about half an inch folded over and finished.

And it seems to work reasonably well.  Excuse the threads here, I had not finished the garment at this stage - I leave threading ends through and snipping them, until I have finished the whole garment and then I do them all at once, while enjoying a nice cup of tea.  The lace at the back is how I cover the serge off section of the overlocking.  I like things to look finished.  And the dyelot difference is okay - it tones, and is darker, so I can live with that :).

And now for the views:

And, of course, as I am filling up the t-shirt drawer, I sat and sewed my way through two of these again:

I really like this t-shirt, blue suits me.  And this navy is the brighter navy, which I think can be worn with black.

That's my opinion, anyway, and that is what counts:).  I've got one more of these t-shirts to make.  So far I have made black, teal, and navy - I wonder what colour the next one will be.   What's your guess?

See you soon,

Sarah Liz :)


  1. Spots, stripes, pretty flower print... Or possibly a vibrant orange?

    And I'm guessing the next one will have some cover stitching?

  2. Hot pink or a colourful print would look good on you!

  3. Rose pink or deep sky blue. Maybe deep lilac. And cover stitching!

  4. Rose pink or deep sky blue. Maybe deep lilac. And cover stitching!

  5. I think a bold color or a print would be lovely. Good luck with the cover stitch machine -- I have been wanting one!

  6. Great to see some basics being made - often everyone blogs about the big numbers. I love my cover stitch machine but it can be very frustrating when something as simple as skipped stitches has to be rectified. Hint - tension then needle change or is it needle change then tension!LOL

  7. I would go for stripes next. Basics are a good way to clear your stash also.

  8. Excellent tops. Sometimes I just don't want to make these 'basics', but boy, it is great to have them on hand because you just know they will get worn a lot!

  9. EXcellent professional made essentials. Did you use the new coverstitch?! These tops would look great in stripes :) x

  10. How about cream? I found a great tip over at Collette using the neck opening x 0.9 as well as shaping the joining seam worked perfectly with a bamboo cotton interlock that I am current making up.

  11. Seeing amazingness like these sewing patterns makes me want to sew so bad. Thanks for the inspiration

  12. Stripes or tonal subtle print will be versatile too!

  13. That's great fit! I've been on the hunt for a t-shirt pattern and have to try the Kwik Sew. I vote for stripes and polka dots. =)


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