Warmer Winter Necks.

 This winter has been extremely cold by Newcastle standards and my neck was complaining.  I don't like long scarves because I get tangled up in them, and find them a nuisance. So I decided to knit a few thick and chunky cowls.  Mostly because I wanted to get the job done quickly, so that I have neck warmers in the cupboard for next winter.

The red cowl shown above was knitted out of a chunky something or other found in Spotlight. I think it was Moda Vera Hudson.  It was acrylic and wool, and I fell in love with the colour.  It was knitted on large 7 mm needles, so knitted up quickly.  If you like this cowl, and can find the yarn, the pattern is on the label.

It is thick and chunky, and I am not sure whether I like it or not - it may be too bulky for me.  But next year, when the weather is chilly, I will like this, I am sure.  Anything to keep warm :)


The second cowl was made out of 12 ply Alpaca and Wool blend - Moda Vera, Tolva.  Found in Spotlight.   It's much softer and drapes nicely.  I decided to knit this on 7mm needles as well, which makes the tension fairly loose, but does result in the nice drape and softness of this scarf. I used the same pattern as the scarf above.  I like this one...

And the last little scarf is more like a collar - I love this one.  It's small and neat and looks smart - and does the job of keeping the neck warm without adding a lot of bulk under a jacket or cardigan.  Again , it's knitted in a 12 ply Alpaca and Wool blend - this one is by Patons, called Jet.  Knitted on 5.5 mm needles. The pattern was torn out of a knitting magazine a year or so ago - I think a Spotlight publication.

For years I have been trying to build a serviceable wardrobe, and these are great additions.  And they only take a few evenings to make, even if you are a slow knitter.

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz


  1. These are lovely. I also don't like the fuss of scarves too much. My friend is in Newcastle and has said it is cold! I think the little collar is cute and just enough to do the job.

  2. Scarves are so stylish and functional. I love all of these!

  3. Wow Sarah Liz, these are so useful, as well as beautiful. I really like the shade of that red, and the 'collar' version is cute as a .... button :)
    Too bad I can't knit: sitting here at home with a very large scarf wrapped twice around my neck, as it is cold here today.

  4. These are Sarah Liz...and they look like they will keep you warm during the chilling temps. Beautiful colors

  5. Those are so beautiful-you must be a fast knitter. I love the little collar!

  6. Nice and stylish for cold temperatures.

  7. Nice and stylish for cold temperatures.

  8. I think you are so versatile. I have been meaning to learn to knit and yes, I think I would be a slow knitter. These projects do look cozy. That red is a wonderful color.

  9. Those are beautiful! I never could get the hang of knitting lol


  10. These are all so lovely! Practical, stylish..... and warm! :)


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