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Feeling Blue X 2, Butterick 3383.

It's time to start sewing again after my protracted absence ( I traveled abroad for 6 weeks).   I find that whenever I have had a break from sewing, my first few attempts when I restart are a little woeful.  But you just have to start and get back past this stage and get the brain rewired and thinking about sewing again.  I made sure that I had a couple of simple tops cut out before I went away, because I am even worse at cutting than sewing when restarting. I wanted a couple of really loose cotton tee tops for summer.  We have a really hot and humid climate, and you just don't want anything to cling.   And boxy tops are really in at the moment - and with Butterick 3383 in my stash, now was a good time to pull it out. I used a  fine blue cotton jersey  which was in my stash,  purchased from The Remnant Warehouse's online store. The top does not have bust darts, so I would not make this in a woven - unless it had some sort of give in it, like cheesecloth. I do

Back from Six Weeks (Yes, 6!) Abroad.

Before I begin to tell you my news, I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my blog posts of the last six or seven weeks. All these posts were scheduled and the sewing down by the end of July - because I was going away during August and the early-ish part of September  A long way away, the other side of the world.  And I really did not want to advertise that this was the case, because not everyone on the internet is one of my sewing friends and some people are a little on the creepy side.  Enough said, that is not us.  I did let a few of you know, in case you wondered why I was not commenting on your blogs. Regarding commenting on your blogs - I think I  have caught up with most of you this week. I was wanting to while away, but a combination of poor wi-fi in places and a tablet that refused to comment on blogs was not helpful!  Back to my news, DH and I visited England, Paris, Poland and Prague.  And this week I have been tackled by the lurgy (which I caugh

Looking frazzled in my new work pants - Kwik Sew 2960 again.

These trousers took me a total of five hours, and that was not pushing myself, to make - cutting, sewing and hand sewing the hems.  And then I wore them straight away :).  They are made out of stretch bengaline - a mix of 72% viscose, 24% nylon, and 6% elastane.   I purchased it at Spotlight, on a half price sale, so the total fabric cost for these trousers was $11-03.  Plus elastic, thread, serger thread - say $16- $17 dollars.  And they fit and are very comfortable to wear.  Better than RTW - and the cheapest I can purchase is $49.95 plus postage of $9.95.  And the RTW version  does not fit well, and always needs the hem to be taken up. Give me five hours of leisurely sewing from cut to finish in preference any day:). I used Kwik Sew 2960 again- you will find all my previous posts here. Now up to 9 pairs of pants from this pattern. This is the pattern envelope - I used version C, but eliminated the zip and added elastic at the waist - so the waistband became my elastic casin

Refashioned Top....

I made a little black and white t-shirt two years ago. It was one of my early forays into sewing with knits, and I really did not like the stitching inside the neckband - it was a little untidy.  I never felt happy every time I looked at the inside of that band.   And so the top languished.  The other problem was that it looked too much like the RTW styles that have been popular over the last few years.  And this is not a RTW top, but a Sarah Liz Sew Style top.  And, it was a very nice Japanese knit fabric, so it is a shame not to wear it.  So, I decided to refashion the top into a more stylish (I hope) and original looking garment. This was the original top, also blogged here. I had a small piece left over, which I had made into a twist scarf, and very rarely ever wore:   I carefully unpicked the neckband on the top and took the scarf to pieces.  I cut a collar from the scarf piece.  I thought about making a cowl collar, but you need crosswise stretch for these,