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A Quick ReFashion - His to Hers

Over the last couple of weeks I have been wishing I had a pair of knit trousers to wear in the evenings - just warm enough to keep the cool of the evening manageable, but not too hot, as the humidity levels are already rising on the mid-east coast of N.S.W. (Before I continue the post, I just want to mention the lighting problem for photographs as the moment - I am not sure why, but our latest bulbs seem to cast a death like grey  pallor on the skin (or maybe I look like as bad as this and never noticed!)  and also creates shadows.  I'm taking these in the evening,as I often have to do,  so they have to be on.  I don't have a nice light room to take photographs in during the day, and outside is often not viable here as the weather is often wet at this time of year.  Sigh, a problem to work on... ). Back to the post... I had absolutely no inclination to make them, as the ideal fabric was currently in the form of PJ pants in the softest, nicest, lighter weight cotto

Some weeks it's more about the Stashing than the Sewing.

I had every intention of having a productive sewing Sunday last week, but my plans changed when I nipped into Spotlight to get a pair of knitting needles and found they had a AU$2.00 per metre sale.  I'm not sure if this was just in my local store, because sometimes they seem to do their own thing, or whether this was across all Spotlight stores.  So I stashed up - nice Japanese lawns that are normally $16.99 per metre - and therefore not really my price range for house clothes, and all sorts of other yummy bits and pieces.  And you will notice I bought patterns - and patterned fabrics are a bit missing in my stash, because again, by the time I get around to making a garment, I tend to have gone off the pattern, or the pattern has dated or something. But at $2.00 per metre it really doesn't matter - they can even become test garments without the need for exhaustive muslin making before hand. Spotlight also had a Spot Sale this weekend, so after I did the quarterly ta

I finally got something made :)

I am not quite sure how I did it, but I managed to sit down and sew again this week.  I chose a simple pattern that has been on my list for some time.  Butterick 5044. You can't really see clearly from the image, but these pants have no side seams.  Front and back leg are cut in one piece.  And the waistband is cut on - you just fold it over and insert the elastic.   Which makes for quick and easy sewing for when you are a bit out of practice - and it doesn't take me long to get out of practice. I was highly sceptical that these pants would actually work and look good, although it has had good reviews.  But look - they do work.... These are fantastic, fun, casual pants.  I cut size small, length D (cropped)  and did not make any alterations to the main pattern piece-everything was fine, including the rise and shape of the crotch.  The pants sit at the waist as my following picture shows: I used a cheap calico from Spotlight, as these pants are just fo

Reviewing the Stash...

Having discarded a few clothes last week that did not work for me, it was time to review the stash.  Mostly the fabrics work for me, but the aqua piece above certainly does not - very much the wrong colour and the wrong sort of rounded pattern for my shape.  I have a mid contrast soft, cool, muted colouring, and this is very bright and clear. I even attempted to make something of it.  I thought it might do for a hot weather throw on dress, but it just looked seriously awful - which is what happens when you attempt to use fabric that is just not right for you. Of course, I fell into the trap of buying it because it was very cheap.  How many of us do that I wonder? But because it was also cheap, it was also easy to get rid of it and move on. Mind you, buying fabrics because they are cheap, if you do purchase the wrong colour and/or pattern often enough is going to get very expensive... Because you are not going to like the results. Whatever you do. Better to use it for m

July-September Review, and a Wardrobe Tidy Up

Today I am not going to write in my usual blog style at all - I have had one of those weeks were I have been tired and lacklustre, and not feeling like sewing at all.  This is rare for me, I can usually force myself to sew even if I am tired.   So, what I will do today is just quickly recap my makes from July to September.  And tell you about my wardrobe toss out and tidy up.  This may be boring to most of you who have already seen these garments, or are not interested in what I toss and keep, but it sort of provides some sort of continuity for me, as one of my behind the scenes goals was to record what I had made every month, what works and what doesnt.  That has not happened as well as I would like on the blog, but perhaps in October...! And for once, I will not be posting lots of pictures in my July to September recap.   Most of you have seen them anyway, and for those new to my blog, I will be linking back to my gallery so you can have a look see there, if you want.