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The Big White Shirt - Burda 6908.

 I am back from my much needed mini-blog break.  I really needed it - for some reason I was really tired - as you can see from the photos in this post.  I'm starting to pick up energy again - I guess with life demands, energy for blogging will wax and wane from time to time. Anyway, on to more important things than my energy levels for blogging - sewing :).  ***** I have had a yen to make a big, boyfriend style shirt for a long time.  I don't know why, but I don't think there has to be a why.  So, as I need to brush up on my shirt making technique, I decided to make Burda 6908: Of course, one big advantage of this style of shirt is that there is no fitting needed.  It is big,baggy, ,unfitted and a shapeless straight up and down shape.  It also has slightly dropped shirt shoulders.  I checked the measurements and decided to make size 8, which had a finished bust measurement of 42 inches, which I thought was more than enough - in fact, that is 8 in

A Preview of my next few posts...

I am taking a mini blog break at the moment, because I need to recharge my blogging batteries.  I have done that by doing quite a bit of sewing, and will be back next week with the first of my makes.  Over the next few weeks I will show and tell about all of them.  In the meantime, a sneak peak at what I have made:   A Big White Shirt:   Casual White Pants (McCalls 6568): A Shirtdress, pattern now OOP: Another Shirtdress, and this pattern also OOP:   A Little Top for Hot Days (we've just had a 40 degree day today):    And a little lightweight skirt for hot days, View B: All have turned out quite nicely, and I'm off to start something else now.  I'll show you the first of these garments next week. Have a great sewing weekend everyone, Sarah Liz

No Bubbles but Bubbly Pants at least...

 After a week of  making various pants muslins that told me all I needed to know, not know, and often did not wish to know, resulted in my sparkle defizzing.   The inner champagne is flat, devoid of bubbles.  So I made myself some pants with bubbles in them to buoy me up. (In  a nutshell, the pants muslins told me that all the ways suggested to fit do not really work for me.  Choose your hip size - well, that is 4 sizes smaller than my waist, which leads to a lot of distortion in style lines - and the legs are still really baggy. Take in the legs, narrow into a small crotch, and then up over a tummy curve and you do not have a good look.  Disheartening, and opens up my old teenage figure wounds, of wanting curves - you know, defined waist, bust and hips, nice shaped thighs etc.   Never happened.    Still have my straight shape with tum and narrow hips and thin limbs. And, to rub salt into the wound, recently I have lost a kilo.  Been trying to put it back on, but it is stubbor

Summer Sewing is About to Start...

There is something about a new sewing season that is always exciting - so many things to make, so many ideas, so many choices.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities. As  you know, I often sew  useful wardrobe workhorses- very serviceable basics.  Because that suits my current lifestyle, even though I sometimes wish it were otherwise, and also because I live in a very casual sort of town - which sort of intersects with my current lifestyle and why it is not quite what I would wish here.  One day though, I will move back to Adelaide. I also want to sew some more interesting garments,  a few things to pep up the basics. And then I think about sewing it all - and think about tracing all the patterns, which I always do - it means you have the master pattern if things go wrong, or you traced the wrong size and need the next one up - if you did this straight from the pattern, you would not be able to recut.  So I trace my patterns.  This is also a good ti