The Summer Pant - McCall's 6568.

I live in a major regional, post industrial centre  on coastal N.S.W., and the de rigeur mode of dress here is very casual verging on sloppy.   I found this hard to come to terms with when I first arrived post marriage, because I don't really go for the laid back, casual, rough and ready, basic life.

So over the years, I  have needed to fill up my wardrobe with clothes that suit the environment (while ignoring it as best I can) and that I will actually wear.  And that suit my age and personal lifestyle now.

And these white pants fit the bill.  The pattern used was McCall's 6568:

I didn't bother with fitting these, as these are loose, casual pants that are going to look a bit scrunched up in any case.  I cut XS legs and hips  and made the waist/tummy area a little larger, S.  I cut the crotch as a size S, and  I added 6/8 inch to the front rise and 1 3/8 to the  back  rise to make the pants waist level instead of below the waist.  And then made them up as per pattern, omitting the drawstring as I don't use them, and it just adds bulk to the tummy region.

I used the variation that added pockets to the front and back, but omitted the buttons and buttonholes.

I flat felled the side seams and did a false flat fell seam for the crotch seam.

Fabric used was a white calico, my standby for casual, rough and ready, wear around the house (but okay for out as well) pants.  And for testing a pattern, it's cheap and readily available.  And it's cotton, which is nice and cool.


Front pockets - larger than back pockets...

Back pockets - slightly smaller than front...

Waistband casing - I like to turn edges under as it is neater.

Hem - turned under.  And flat fell seam outer leg.

 And on me...

The top I am wearing is a favourite pattern than works for me.  It is based on Burda 7079.  Posts on this top can be found here.

That's it for this week, wishing you well wherever you are,

Sarah Liz


  1. They look very nice - a great basic. I like the idea of white calico. Cool and comfy. I have a friend in your city and it's been hot there too. These are perfect for hot weather.

  2. These look super cool, comfortable, and smart-casual! Is that a thing? I think it's a thing because you're rockin' it. :D

  3. These look great! I understand your dilemma of fitting in a super casual environment when you enjoy wearing more variety. These are a perfect solution!

  4. Lovely! Casual, comfortable,and definitely not sloppy.

  5. Great pants! White suits you beautifully :) Love your blouse as well. Have a lovely weekend :x

  6. Great looking pants and perfect for a casual summer lifestyle.. I love that striped top, too.

  7. You did a nice job on the pants Sarah.

  8. Impeccable sewing Sarah Liz. Nice pants which will be ideal for summer.

  9. Love white pants.. Just perfect for the wardrobe. The stripe shirt looks fantastic with them..\
    I love this style of dress.. Have a great week.

  10. These summer pants look great, especially with that tunic. Really awesome outfit!

  11. I think you have found a great balance between looking casual but not at all sloppy. When my youngest was still at primary school one day while waiting to pick her up I noticed that virtually every mother was wearing track suit pants . I wear them too and they are warm, soft and comfy but once they bag out I then do not feel good at all - like I have given up. I also wanted to have the balance of not sticking out because it is not a wealthy area so neat jeans are my compromise.

  12. These pants are perfect on all levels!!! Super cute and especially love the first picture in your post. The pockets really add a fun, yet neat design detail. Love them! :)

  13. Just catching up on blogs, Sarah Liz, after a very busy week. These pants are perfect, and suit you very well, especially with that top. Happy sewing!

  14. Fabulous summer look Sarah Liz. Casual and comfy yet still smart. Hope you are still enjoying your new machine :) x


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