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Stashbusting the greens...New Look 6374 Tunic

A few colours don't really suit me, and warm greens are in that group.  I had a piece of greyed green cotton lawn (from Spotlight) in my stash, and decided that it was really not quite right for me, but it did go with a scrap of patterned lawn I really like that  I had leftover from another recently made top. . Now, there are a few things I don't like having around in the stash - that's little bits looking for a garment, and colours that don't really suit. I put these two together and made myself a top I did like immensely :).  And, although the colour is not the best for me, there is something I really like about this soft, peaceful grey green colour.  And the contrast placket and collar stand give a nice focal point. I used New Look 6374:  I made the long, plain version A but instead of sleeves that roll back and fasten with tabs, I decided to make short sleeves.  And chose to make a contrast placket, a bit of a high risk strategy because as I was

Emergency Khakis...Vogue 9067.

These are my new emergency pants, because an emergency happened this week.  The hot pink cotton voile trousers I have had for years seemed to attract a substance this week that stained badly and would not come out.  Leaving me with no option but to quickly run up a replacement pair for around the house.  The pink ones will be relegated to dirty jobs in the garden... I decided to try the wide legged pants from Vogue 9067: This pattern has two top variations (neither of which appeal to me and will not get made) and two pant variations, a wide legged and a tapered legged elastic waist pant.  The tapered pants have pockets, the wide legged ones do not.  But mine do :) I found a piece of cotton lawn that was already washed in my stash.  I had 2 metres of 105 cm fabric, and I found a flaw 20 cm in.  So a bit of quick thinking and I realised that I could cut crossgrain and have just enough to cut the pants.  I could only make them the length of the width(if that makes sens

Time for Twee, Top and Trousers

This week we are getting the usual February humidity. I decided that I wanted a cool top to wear.  I also needed a very lightweight pair  of cotton pants - of course, these can be worn with some of my lightweight blouses, but were really planned to go with this top. The top was New Look 6344: This looked a simple little top to make and was perfect for Japanese lawn that Spotlight had in stock and which I have had my eye on, looking for an excuse to buy it, for ages.  The pattern was already in my stash, but is one of my more recent purchase - usually they mature until they are well past there use by date but not vintage enough to do something interesting with. And the fabric for the pants was a hail spot voile, originally purchased from  The Remnant Warehouse .  It was already washed and ready to go.The pants were just cobbled together from my recent more successful makes - pockets from one pattern, torso from another, legs from another, sort of thing. Done early in the m

Not my usual sort of post....

Before I start this post, I just want to thank you all for your lovely comments.  I always read them, and usually reply, but life has been odd recently, and I haven't had time to do this.  I think it is more important to make sure that any time I have is spent commenting on your blogs.  Now on to my post - which will be in two parts.  The first part will be about the Big Tidy Up.  The second part of the post will be more personal, something that I do not usually blog about. This week I have been tackling my stash - those of you who follow me on Instagram    already know about this to a small degree, but not quite about the  the extent of the tidy up. I have a very large and extensive stash - built up over the years.  It is not easy to find fabrics when you want them.  And also, with the exchange rate changing, and with uncertainty about the financial situation in Australia, not only with view to the global financial markets, but also the taxation and superannuation system,