Moreish March - So More of Vogue 9067.

I've been quietly busy with some simple sewing over the last few weeks.  Simple is best when you are stuck with doing lots of tedious paperwork that takes all the concentration.  I decided to plug the last couple of holes in my summer wardrobe by making two more of  palazzo pants from Vogue 9067.

I have found both versions of the pants in this pattern to suit me nicely.  My original post for the wide leg pants can be found here.   So please read this post if you want to find out more about this pant.  If you just want the bare bones, this is an elastic waist pant, and I inserted side pockets from the tapered pants into the wide leg pants.

Otherwise, for long time followers, I will just get on with the photos and not bore you...


 I made these full length because I will wear them whenever I want a full length black pant to wear during our hot and humid summer.  I'll make some longer line tunics to go with them next summer.


These pants were just fun to make.  I found an old seersucker tablecloth at an Op Shop, and thought the colour was cheerful and perfect for hot summer weather.  There were a few stains but I could work around them.  I settled on 7/8 length for these pants, as I wanted to a light- hearted, casual vibe to them.

As far as cost was concerned, as I  have made the pants before, these versions were economical.  The black lawn pants took 2.3 metres of lawn @$5.99 per metre, plus elastic ($1.75) and needle and thread costs (allowing $5.00). Total $20.52.

 The seersucker pants were cheaper still.   The fabric was only $2.50, the elastic $1.75, and needle an thread allowance, $5.00.   Total $9.25.

And as for the title of Moreish March - some of you know that I facilitate the Make a Garment a Month Group on Facebook.  Our theme for March was to Moreish Makeover - make more of a pattern you like to makeover your wardrobe.

For those of you who want to join our group, please email me, and tell me why you would like to join.  That gives me an idea of what members in our group want.  I warn your though, we are an active group so you must be planning to sew and post every month (selfish sewing only in our group as our modus operandi is making sure you sew for yourself and not ignore your sewing needs).   This makes our group creative and inspirational.

That's it from me for today.  I will be blogging over the weekend as I have another garment to show you. Two actually.  But not both at once... those of you who follow me on Instagram have already had a sneak peak of one of the garments.

 In the meantime, I want to wish you all a Blessed Easter, and hope you have time to do a bit of sewing as well.

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz


  1. I love seersucker. I won't be MAGAMing until after June but then I'll be back on board. Happy Easter to you too.

  2. I want some of that seersucker :-) This is my fave pants pattern for summer also.

  3. Its always nice to have your summer wardrobe completed, and these pants are a nice addition. Seesucker screams summer time. Happy Easter to you my friend!

  4. I love the table cloth pants what a perfect summer colour

  5. Very cheerful blue pants, just right for a hot Easter weekend. And the black ones might be casual, but look very elegant Sarah Liz. Happy Easter to you and your HB.

  6. Nice! I could just live in those table cloth pants all summer long.

  7. I love the seersucker pants! The colour is just perfect for summer. You can't go wrong with simple sewing.

  8. Love the blue pants. Such a bright summery vibe.

  9. I love this pants as well, pretty colour and simple style! Hope you enjoy wearing it. Happy Easter to you too, Sarah Liz. :)

  10. More great basics for your wardrobe. Black will dress up or down and the blue seersucker look amazing. There's nothing quite like a bit if colour for hot summer days.

  11. What a great, fun casual vibed pair of pants in your blue seersuckers!! Perfect length too. The black pair are very nice and will be oh-so-useful to wear when you need to wear a black pair of pants. I like the length of those too. :)

  12. Ooo...perhaps I shall join you. =) I'm not active on Facebook, though.


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