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New Trousers and the Last of my Old Style.

Hello everyone, my mojo is not quite restored yet, but I have managed to finish these pants and do a whole lot of essential tasks that have been sitting ignored for ages, you know, the sort of jobs no-one wants to do.  Things like paperwork and decluttering stuff.  Lots more to go, but sometimes it is the starting on tedium that is the hardest part. Well, the new trousers are the last of my old Sarah Liz Sew Style.  Over the three years since I have been blogging, I have gradually re-learnt forgotten skills in making ordinary clothes.  I deliberately started on making a very casual wardrobe for two reasons.  The first was because I needed it, and the second was that it did not matter much if there were problems with the sewing or fit. And I learnt the basics of sewing with knits.  Along the way I learnt, of course, and now feel ready to take my sewing to a new level - which will of course mean more learning. In order to start to develop a less casual for around the house type

Misplaced Mojo - So a Remake and a Muslin.

I have been struggling with motivation in most areas of life for the last few weeks - mid winter blues, post cold or whatever the nasty thing was that went on and on for ever, followed by another that went on and on etc - or maybe it was the same one, followed by yet another cold.  So I am not surprised that I have been feeling flat.  I have not been interested in much at all, even sewing.  Of course, I do what is needed everyday, but without any sparkle.  You know, a bit like that sad glass of flat bubbly water. When I am in the doldrums, I still sew.  I can be very slow, but honestly, it is better to do something than to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.  Mind you, I found that I made quite a lot of silly mistakes although I had made this pattern up before and and should have known what I was doing. I used Simplicity 2599 as my base: The neckline is raised of course, and the sleeves have been altered to a short sleeve. On this variation I shortened the sleeves aga

A Little Work Top - Simplicity 2599 again.

 I really find it difficult to motivate myself to sew when it is close to the end of a season.  It hardly seems worthwhile sewing a garment for winter when winter is coming to an end, and the garment may not be worn until next winter (all supposing it fits).  It's hard to get motivated to sew for the next season, because again, you may not wear the garment for a few months. So I was stuck in a demotivated sewing rut.  So I decided I better make myself sew something I might need in summer, but really didn't want to make - a fairly boring little shell top I can wear to work on very hot days.   So I made another version of Simplicity 2599: This little top is very simple little top, very generous over the tummy region.  I made this version in a poly-cotton gingham, purchased from Spotlight.   The gingham has very tiny checks and I can't get a good photo as the flash just washed the pattern out.   The poly-cotton was lightweight 80 poly/20 cotton.  Not m

A Handy Throw On Jacket - New Look 6249.

Sometimes the most unprepossessing garments turn out to be your most useful ever.  And so it was with New Look 6249.  I really was not motivated to make an easy throw on jacket.  Boring, I said to myself.  And in polar fleece, a fabric that does not inspire me at the best of times.  And I had seen this pattern and passed it up, because I thought it was really shapeless. But then, I had a second look, and thought to myself it is sort of what I am needing for throwing on over things to pop out.  The sort of jacket you can ignore and it doesn't get upset, and is patiently  there for you when you want it. The sort that lives close by for quick outings.  That sort of jacket, not the one you  have to button carefully, arrange neatly, and take about 20 minutes organizing to make sure it looks good before you go out. In short, the old faithful throw on utilitarian sort of garment.  The one you always wear. Well, that is how this jacket has turned out!  From not liking it,