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Back Blogging Burda 6696 and Burda 6694.

I'm having an at home day today, you know, doing all those scintillating tasks like cleaning the bath and so on.  In between I do a seam or two of sewing.  And I thought I would also post knit two knit tops that were made some months ago, as wearable muslins. As I am very much at home today, the photos sort of reflect that.  Ordinary life sort of photos. Complete with my too short RTW pants that are worse than any me made pant I have ever made. Good for bath cleaning and that sort of thing though! The first tip is Burda 6696: I like the look of the pleated neck area in this top, but was not sure how the pleats would really work in practice.  Only one way to find out, and that was to try the pattern.  I found one of my Spotlight clearance knits - goodness knows what it is, it was labelled "cotton/polyester/nylon/spandex".  Take you pick.  I think it has some viscose in it, as it does wrinkle quite a bit, and it also has a softness about it.  There was a slight re

Behind the Scenes at SLSS...

Hello everyone, When I sew, I tend to go through quite a process from concept to finished garment.  Usually there are lots of hiccups and changes of direction during this time, but that's all part of sewing. So, for the last two weeks, my sewing has considered of: I will not be blogging about these muslins for some time, because, quite honestly I am a bit over these trouser muslins.   But, I think I have worked out exactly how to alter a pattern to get something close to the fit I want.   And to understanding the sort of styles that work for me.  When I feel more motivated to revisit these trouser muslins, I'll share my process with you. After I did the trouser muslins, I was fed up, so I quickly made up a muslin for the Lottie blouse.  I had a lovely fabric find in an Op Shop, and the old fashioned texture on the fabric sort of went with the old fashioned look of the Lottie Blouse (by Simple Sew patterns). And, this is the finished blouse, waiting for me

The Bomber Jacket that Bombed out.

I decided to start my September sewing by making a garment that is a little out of my comfort zone.  Butterick 6181 is not the sort of jacket I would normally make, but I thought a fashion garment might lift my rather plain and simple style.   I found a remnant of polyester shantung for $3.00 at Spotlight, and thought this might make an interesting version of the pattern. I had some buttons in my stash that would work.  I thought the soft grey would be flattering, and would go with all my clothes. I only had a small amount, but as summer is coming, I though I could modify the jacket to a short sleeve version.  The muslin looked nice with the short sleeves, and I worked out I needed to shorten the bodice by 1.5 inches.  I was a little unsure about the look of the collar, but decided that my objection was more to do with it being something different that I was not used to, more than actual dislike. Then I started to sew the jacket.  As this was going to be a jacket, a n

Trousers, Tencel and Troubles - McCall's 6568 again.

Well, I might be smiling in this picture, but I think it is because I am relieved that I have finished these trousers. Of course, with trousers, there is always a back story.  I planned to make a more tailored pant out of a piece of Tencel that I had in the stash.  The Tencel had been prewashed, but I think my technique of hot water dipping did not agree with it, and there were dye runs here and there.  Plus a flaw one end of the fabric that I found after I washed the fabric, so I could not return it.  Careful cutting eliminated most of the problem areas, and the style of pant also works with an imperfect sort of dye - a little reminiscent of how denim also fades. I picked a more tailored trouser pattern that suggested Tencel as a fabric.  I  did a muslin and the trouser looked awful on me.  Then I did a muslin of another pant, and that looked awful too.  By now, I was thoroughly fed up.  I wanted the Tencel out of the stash, so I thumbed through my patterns and decided to

Sewing, Style and Spring Summer Ideas

Hello everyone, A new season always seems to get the sewing ideas flowing again.  And I also want to change my style and sew garments that are a little better than the casual wear around the house basics I have been sewing.  Mind you, I am glad I have, because at least I have this part of my wardrobe under control - and it is never the most inspirational sewing, is it? So, my ideas so far are to 1.  Keep sewing up new patterns 2. Tackle the stash - and sew up the stash that needs to go. 3.  Work out a new sense of style for my next style decade (I turned 60 last month, unbelievable!). 4.  Work out a new life direction that will work with the new life challenges the next decade will      inevitably bring. There are a few arriving on the plate at the moment! 5.  And of course, a new sense of style should go with this new life direction (whatever it is!). Well, that's flexible enough for me to decide things as I go along. I may even sew more patterned fabric - a