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Long time no blog post...and a preview of upcoming garments

Hello everyone, I have not blogged for three weeks now as I have had lots on my  plate to deal with - a sick husband again, a new car (note my priorities here - my DH was number 1), the business quarterly tax obligations,  working out what to do about bad debts and starting the chase, finally getting around to calling an Arborist for a quote (he is due next week to do the job - that will be  noisy day - and, there is always someone worse off than you, his young wife has cancer), selling the old car, and finally, my beloved old sewing machine has decided to stop working.  More later. So, I have not had the time, energy or inclination to take blog photos.  But I have managed, over the course of the last three months, make some garments that have not yet been blogged.  They will be blogged over the next few weeks, so that by Christmas, I am up to date with my blog. Garment 1, Cynthia Rowley Dress : Garment 2. Elastic waist skirt with pockets and pleats :

Back Blogging The Perfect Purple Ponte Dress - Burda 6694

I have been busy this week with replacing my old car and cleaning my old one ready to sell.  So I have had limited time to sew this week.  Just as well I have a dress to blog about that I made earlier this year before winter set in.  I'm not sure why, but I never got around to blogging about it. It probably had something to do with lack of time. The pattern is Burda 6694: Before I made the dress I made a top (version A ) .  I was planning to insert the higher neck into this dress, but after making it up, realised it would be far too tight.  So I made the square neckline insert, only raised it as it was far too low on me. The fabric I used was a thick ponte (polyester, viscose and spandex mix). It was not too stretchy and certainly was thick enough to skim the body nicely.   It was purchased from Spotlight - I was lucky, and found just enough in the remmant bin with a price of about $2.50 :).  Just right! I made some alterations to the pattern - the sleeves were sh