Long time no blog post...and a preview of upcoming garments

Hello everyone,

I have not blogged for three weeks now as I have had lots on my  plate to deal with - a sick husband again, a new car (note my priorities here - my DH was number 1), the business quarterly tax obligations,  working out what to do about bad debts and starting the chase, finally getting around to calling an Arborist for a quote (he is due next week to do the job - that will be  noisy day - and, there is always someone worse off than you, his young wife has cancer), selling the old car, and finally, my beloved old sewing machine has decided to stop working.  More later.

So, I have not had the time, energy or inclination to take blog photos.  But I have managed, over the course of the last three months, make some garments that have not yet been blogged.  They will be blogged over the next few weeks, so that by Christmas, I am up to date with my blog.

Garment 1, Cynthia Rowley Dress :

Garment 2. Elastic waist skirt with pockets and pleats :

Garment 3, Sew Simple Skirt:

Garment 4, Sew Simple Blouse (same pattern as shown above)

Garment 5. Elastic waist voile skirt (forgot to take a picture of the pattern )


Garment 6:  Full, pleated pants

And it was on these pants that disaster struck.  I was going to make the waistband buttonhole on my big old Bernina machine.  I set the stitch length lever to the right position down near 0 which is what you do with this machine for buttonholes to get a close stitch on the buttonhole.  Then I realised that it had jammed.  Totally. The screw is normally what I call finger loose - you just twist with your fingers, it's not tight when manipulated.  It just does not move. DH came and tried and he agreed, jammed solid.  So something has happened to the mechanism inside, I would think.  It looks as though it can all be opened up, so I have booked the mechanic who sadly can't come until next Friday.  In the meantime, it sews merrily in one spot, so the rest of the machine must work!

Now this machine has long been discontinued, as has it's later model.  So I am not sure what I will do if this is just getting too old to mend.  I have spent an agitated 24 hours finding out what is available and may have found something at 4 am this morning (I couldn't sleep as I haven't had enough sewing calm down time!).

In the meantime, I can use my domestic machine, so I am not totally stuck.  It's just that I prefer these robust industrial machines.  This is not as fast as an industrial  straight sewer, but fast enough and has the power to do things that domestic machines struggle with.  

In the meantime, I will sew garments that I know I can handle easily on a domestic machine. And, it will be fun exploring what it does - I haven't really used it except for the odd, naughty knit, and for automatic buttonholes on shirts and dresses when I want matching, easy to do buttonholes. Because I don't use it much, I have to keep reading the instruction manual every time I do want to use it, but I should soon know how to do this and everything else too, never to forget.

And, talking of exploring new machines - my new "car" was given to me by my husband to mark my August birthday.  I guess, as I helped sort out the practice when we were in dire straits, I sort of helped to earn what was needed for this!  That's what I tell myself, anyway, to sort of offset the "Who, Me, get this? sort of feeling.  I'm sure you sewers understand this sort of feeling well! He told me then, but it took us some time to organise:

A Landrover Discovery Sport. It is really quite a different experience driving these modern vehicles.  I get a little anxious still about what it is sometimes doing, but I am gradually getting used to it's habit of beeping when I am manouvering close to objects (it gets excited very early) and know that I have at least a metre to spare.  I still am coming to terms with the autostart function - the engine turns off at lights if you are there for a while - then kicks back in when you put your foot on the accelerator.  I don't trust this function yet, so tend to turn it off! It's a responsive vehicle as well, so that takes a bit of getting used to after my old truck!  But much better to drive.  I was apprehensive when I picked it up because I had no idea of the feel, but it was just so easy to get used to, so I think I will enjoy this very much soon enough.

Then I had to sell the old car, which was a bit of a stress, but we did better than we would with a trade in.  All this car stuff took time and energy which normally goes into blogging, so I am afraid I had to postpone blogging for a while.

But I will be back next week with one of the featured garments.  Not sure which one yet :).

In the meantime, I am going to check your blogs, then read the instruction manual for my domestic machine and work out what to make next.

I hope life is treating you all well wherever you are,

Sarah Liz


  1. I hope your husband gets well soon. Lots of stresses! Lovely new car. I like the blue of your garments and look forward to seeing your posts. I hope you can get your sewing machine fixed.

  2. Sending stress reducing thoughts your way.

  3. Girlfriend, so much has happened! I hope your husband's health continues to improve and life will become easier the next few months. All your garments look nice, my favorite is elastic waist voile skirt, its the fabric! Hope they can fix your sewing machine. And WOW a Landrover, va-va-vooom girl!

  4. Like the others, here's hoping your life calms down a bit and that your machine needs just a simple, inexpensive fix.

    I'm looking forward to what you have to say about the blue Cynthia Rowley dress. The pattern is fun and the dress looks beautiful. Such a great color.

    I also got a new car this week. Bleah, shopping for one sucked up about two weeks between the test driving, online research and endless comparison discussions with my husband. I've never heard of that function of the engine switching off at the stoplight. That would give me a heart attack, feeling dead in the water (as it were) as everyone else zoomed around me.

  5. I thought my old bernina was the oldest about but yours beats it. I hope you manage to get it fixed. Looking forward to seeing more of your makes, especially the CR dress. Good luck with everything going on at home, I hope life sorts itself out for you very soon and you get some sewing escape time x

  6. So much happening, no wonder you have not had time to blog! I am sorry to hear your husband has been sick and hope he is well on the way to recovery. Despite this and buying a new car you have produced a great range of garments: an elegant dress, very useful chic skirts, nice blouse and pants. So unfair of your machine to stop like that, and I hope it is a quick fix and back to business. Have a great week.

  7. A great selection of garments, the blue dress is a beautiful colour and the skirts and blouse are a great addition to your wardrobe. Hope your husband recovers quickly and your machine is back on the job again soon.

  8. So sorry you have had so much trouble.. Hope your husband is feeling better.How sweet that your sweet husband bought you the beautiful car..
    Love your sewing projects.Happy sewing...and hope your machine can be fixed.

  9. You've definitely had a lot going on. I hope your hubby feels better soon. I really love your new car - it is so beautiful. You can't go wrong with a Landrover. You've made so many beautiful garments. I love the CR dress - her patterns are amazing. I can't wait to see all the detailed posts.

    I've had such a busy week and hadn't had time to respond to your email yet. I'm going to use my husband's Facebook to access the MAGAM group.

    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Wow what alot that you have to contend with. Sure hope you husband gets to feeling better. What a beautiful vehicle, and am sure you will be enjoying it for a good while. You have alot of good staple pieces.

  11. So sorry you had so much troubles, hope your husband get well soon. I am looking forward to seeing all the detail of your garments, especially CR dress. Love your new car :)

  12. Hope your husband feels better soon! Yes you do have your priorities in order. :) And oh my goodness, what a collection of pretty things you have made! Look forward to hearing more about them. That Cynthia Rowley dress looks especially fantastic and found the elast-waist skirt with pockets and pleats very interesting. Had to look twice to see the elastic-waist! What a smart and stylish new vehicle you have and had no idea it was that 'smart'! You surely must feel so good to drive such a great looking, fun car. Hope things settle down for you soon. You have really had one thing after another for a while now. Keeping fingers crossed your machine is an easy fix.

  13. Looking forward t seeing your makes. Particularly the dress as I have that pattern and interestingly some blue fabric earmarked for it! Hope your machine is fixed soon. Louise x

  14. Sending positive thoughts and energy to you and your husband. I hope things will settle down soon. I really like that Rowley dress. How does it fit on you?


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