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Last Post of 2016 - Voile skirt, Burda 6937.

I've promised to show you this skirt for weeks now, and I thought I better get on and do so before 2016 comes to a close.  It's a short and simple post, which sort of suits the slightly holiday state some of us are in. This is a simple elastic waist skirt - so easy to sew, but it looks very effective, not too bulky around the middle and comfortable to wear. I used Burda  6937 and made version C: I cut size 10-12, and as you can imagine, it was a simple sew - a separate waistband, side and back seams, and a turn over twice hem (5/8 inch, 1.5 cm allowed). I used a cotton voile, purchased online from  The Remnant Warehouse.   I lined it with off white muslin, which has been in my stash for maybe 20 years, so it was about time some of it got used!  The waistband was made from poly cotton, just a bit stronger than voile. Elastic threaded though - the method I always use in preference to sewing it in, because you can undo it and adjust it if need be, or even

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve in Australia and not long now until Christmas day. As I will be busy tomorrow, I would like to take this opportunity to say.... Merry Christmas to all my lovely blog friends, followers and readers.  I hope you have a Blessed, Happy and Healthy Christmas. And maybe some time to sew in the days that follow...

My First Simple Sew pattern - The Lottie Blouse and Skirt.

This week I am going to tell you about my experience with using my first Simple Sew pattern. Before I do, though, I just want to recap on last weeks housekeeping matter about replying to comments. .  As Lisa commented last week, most of us love comments,but those who leave comments do not always return to see that we have replied to them. That as far as I am concerned is one of the main drawbacks of Blogger.  There are programs that can be installed to enable a two way chat, but not everyone likes using these. Wordpress does have a two way capability, but I am not sure that I want to move to Wordpress just for that!  And I do like you to know that I am replying because I consider most of you that regularly comment as my blog friends, and friends do reply to each other. And some of you I have been lucky enough to meet in real life.  In order not to bore everyone that just wants to read the current   post - and I know there are lots of you that like to do that as well -  I will

Summertime Cool in Saggy Baggy Pants (Vogue 8836).

 Hello everyone - and Good News!  I am starting to feel a little more energetic - I certainly hit a low slump this year, but I guess in hindsight problems had to be tackled, and that is always draining.  So I am looking forward soon to a brand new sewing year - and that thought lifts my spirits straight away :).  I'd like to thank you all for your kind support over the last few weeks because I have not been able to always respond to your comments.  What I have made sure off, though, is that I visit my regular blogs and comment on yours.  But I am going to start changing how I respond to your comments - I am going to answer on the following blog post, starting with comments that you make on this post.  That way, comments become part of an ongoing sewing discussion where we all learn and share. In this weeks post, I am going to show you a pair of pants I made some weeks ago.  The pants in which when tackling the buttonhole, my big machine totally jammed and I could not use

The Little Leftover Skirt - Burda 7490.

I'm still working on my back log of blog posts - I think this will take me until Christmas. So this week I am posting a skirt I made some weeks ago. Sometimes you just happen upon a perfect sort of pattern that just works for you - easy to fit, easy to wear and looks good too. So it was with Burda 7490 ,  an ancient O.O.P. pattern that I picked up years ago at Spotlight for the princely sum of  0.50 cents.  I like all the garments in it, so one day will get around to making them all.  Just waiting for one day. The skirt is designed to have elastic through a waistband, and also has a zip at the back.  It has two pleats at the front, and angled pockets.  It is designed for a wove, but I wanted to use the leftover piece of knit from my Cynthia Rowley dress (Simplicity 1314, blogged here) . So I decided to eliminate the zipper and just use elastic in the waistband.  Of course, I made sure that the skirt would fit over my hips with this alteration.   Size 38 worked fo