Summertime Cool in Saggy Baggy Pants (Vogue 8836).

 Hello everyone - and Good News!  I am starting to feel a little more energetic - I certainly hit a low slump this year, but I guess in hindsight problems had to be tackled, and that is always draining.  So I am looking forward soon to a brand new sewing year - and that thought lifts my spirits straight away :).  I'd like to thank you all for your kind support over the last few weeks because I have not been able to always respond to your comments.  What I have made sure off, though, is that I visit my regular blogs and comment on yours.  But I am going to start changing how I respond to your comments - I am going to answer on the following blog post, starting with comments that you make on this post.  That way, comments become part of an ongoing sewing discussion where we all learn and share.

In this weeks post, I am going to show you a pair of pants I made some weeks ago.  The pants in which when tackling the buttonhole, my big machine totally jammed and I could not use it at all. Very frustrating, but the domestic machines saved the day and a buttonhole was made. And as you all know, my big machine is now back in working order and I have also become better acquainted with my small domestic machines.  Now that was a digression, so I better get on with the post.

The pattern I used was Vogue 8836:

I have had this pattern for a while, and really liked it, but thought the wide leg trend may not be here for ever, so I had better get on with making this pattern up.  I also had some fabric in my stash that had been there for years.  I originally found it in an Op Shop, so it had probably been in someone else's stash for years as well.  The princely sum of $1.00 was paid.  I have never quite known what to do with it and actually rather disliked it. Then, when I was rummaging for something suitable for these trousers, I found this and thought it would be perfect.  It's a lightweight fabric, probably a poly/linen blend, a fabric very popular way back when (1980 odd).  Ideal, I thought, for making a pair of wash and wear pants for wearing to work in the height of the heat and humidity.  I like pants, because then I have something on my legs to break up the icy breeze of the air conditioner.  But pants are usually too hot in the middle of summer when you go outside.  This fabric was the ideal weight, cool and light, and in a baggy cut, will allow air to circulate.

These pants are cut to the waist, and I found the front rise perfect.  I added 3/8 inch to the back rise, but that was probably not needed.  I did not make a muslin, because the fabric was so cheap and I still did not really like it.  I cut size 10 crotch line, size 8 from the lower hip down, and graded to a 14 at the waist.  I took out some length at the L/s lines in the legs, and also from the hem. My seam allowances were seamed a little less than 5/8 inch because I was worried that the pants would be too tight - sometimes a 14 is tight, sometimes loose.  As it so happened, the pattern must have been a little more generous in the waist than some patterns,  and the waist turned out a little larger than I expected.  This did not bother me unduly, because I always put elastic in the back of trousers so they stay up and to accommodate my elastic waistline as well. Still, I would have preferred a little less - but that is the price you pay when you don't make a muslin.  As for length, it is often recommended that you wear high heels with wide leg pants, but I don't wear high heels, especially in summer.  I wear sandals, and I don't like wide leg trouser hems gettting dirty,  and also with our thunder storms, wet and bedraggled.  So I hem them a length that works for me.  And with this lightweight fabric, I think the shorter length really works nicely.

The pleats were fun to make:

And, I used a bit of gingham poly cotton for the pocket lining - almost adventurous for me, because I tend to like my linings in a similar colour to the garment.

And the button was braced at the back by a small button - the fabric was just not going to hold a button well:

My shots are less than stellar:

As you can see, lightweight fabrics are not the best for back shots - I need more body in a fabric to hide my thin physique.  But, these are summer pants, to be worn to keep cool, and as I sit on my bottom, I don't think anyone will notice!  We sewing bloggers are the only people that focus on what our backsides look like - everyone else looks at faces!!

And do the trousers look like the pattern:

I think so!  Will I make them again?  I'm not sure, but I do know I am going to enjoy wearing these when the mercury soars and the humidity saps.

The blouse is also me made and will be the subject of next weeks blog - it's a Simple Sew pattern, the Lottie Blouse and Skirt.

Until then, wishing you all the best for the upcoming week,

Sarah Liz


  1. Oh I love your new pants. They look terrific and I like the look of that fabric. It's a great colour and goes so nicely with a white blouse.

  2. I'm so glad you're starting to feel more energetic and have sorted out the issues you needed to sort. I've always found it awkward to dress for warm outdoors and cold indoors - though air conditioning is not common here and we're not that warm outside, either! So it wasn't for work but usually if shopping in big stores. Opposite applies now, of course - hot stores, cold outside. Great pants. I value your comments about the construction. 2017 is the year of the trouser for me!

  3. Glad you are feeling better too ! Op shop fabrics are great for experimenting with and I think your pants look exactly like the pattern ! Enjoy wearing your pants although I hope this summer is not as dry as last years.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling more energised!

    Must say - your low productivity = AMAZING output for me.

  5. Love your new pants and it looks so nice with the blouse. Glad you are feeling more energetic :)

  6. The pants are so pretty.. Love them on you. And I really love that blouse.. I think I may just have to buy that pattern. Happy sewing .

  7. Sarah, I really like those pants on you. I think they look great! Glad the slump has past! I've been MIA for a month now and am hoping to get something posted today or tomorrow.

  8. Your new pants will be perfect for those horrible humid days but also to keep you from freeing in the air conditioning. So good to hear you are feeling much better.

  9. Wide legged pants are a wonderful solution for those hot sticky days and freezing airconditioned offices. Beautifully sewn too.

  10. Glad things are going better for you and you are doing well. I have wondered about responding to blog post comments too (I haven't been doing a very good job in that area lately)..... as so many do not return to see what might have been said in response... and it is hard to have a one-way conversation.... but in the same breath, appreciate each and every commment and would be sad if folks stopped talking to me there. Anyway..... to your gorgeous pants...... absolutely LOVE these!!! They look fantastic and you've got the fit perfectly to wear these beautifully. It was interesting to read your construction info and may seriously try the elastic in the back-only sometime in the future. Beautiful shirt and look forward to reading more about it. :)

  11. I really love those pants and how they show off your trim figure. Glad you are perking up and getting more enthused.

  12. Great looking summer pants. Great idea to back a button with a smaller button. I've seen that on RTW before but not really taken any notice. Will try and remember that!

  13. I love your pants, Sarah. The elastic at the back is such an excellent idea. I'm also looking forward to the new sewing year. I hope I'll be able to get a lot more sewing done in 2017.


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