The Little Leftover Skirt - Burda 7490.

I'm still working on my back log of blog posts - I think this will take me until Christmas. So this week I am posting a skirt I made some weeks ago.

Sometimes you just happen upon a perfect sort of pattern that just works for you - easy to fit, easy to wear and looks good too.

So it was with Burda 7490 ,  an ancient O.O.P. pattern that I picked up years ago at Spotlight for the princely sum of  0.50 cents.  I like all the garments in it, so one day will get around to making them all.  Just waiting for one day.

The skirt is designed to have elastic through a waistband, and also has a zip at the back.  It has two pleats at the front, and angled pockets.  It is designed for a wove, but I wanted to use the leftover piece of knit from my Cynthia Rowley dress (Simplicity 1314, blogged here). So I decided to eliminate the zipper and just use elastic in the waistband.  Of course, I made sure that the skirt would fit over my hips with this alteration.   Size 38 worked for this.  I wanted loose, wearable and comfortable. And I was in no mood for fiddling and fitting when I made this.  I just wanted to get on with it, with no muslin.  I knew 38 would probably work.

As it so happens, this was absolutely the right decision, with a skirt that is just right for casual comfort.

The fabric, as I mentioned last week, was just horrible to work with.  The overlocker hated it and my old machine had to do most of the work.  This is my pocket - I had to revert to zig-zagging the pocket edges when the overlocker absolutely refused to co-operate at all:

Thank goodness for alternative methods - otherwise it would have to be bound, and I was after a quick and simple sew. But from the outside, all looks good:

And the back was finished with a split instead of a kick pleat. Much easier, and also I had very little fabric so didn't have enough to cut a kick pleat.  Plus I find knits are not co-operative with kick pleats and you don't get that nice, tailored look that make for a smart kick pleat.  I add a button at the top to stop me splitting the split!

So, now some quick pictures - and if I look tired in these, it is because I am tired!!  The year has well and truly caught up with me! And if the t-shirt looks as though it is swinging off grain, it is because it is - it's a cheap RTW one.  I'll have to make a little black and white t -shirt one day.

And look how flattering it is around the tummy:

I have a little tummy and thin legs, but the cut of this skirt is very flattering for me.  I see a few more of these in my future.  And looking at the bottom, the size is just right.  I don't like tight things, so
I think this will be the right size in the future:

That is quite tight enough for me!  And with looseness at the front, this skirt is a winner.

Oh, and just look at the wonderful pockets:

I can see myself making quite a few more versions of this skirt in the future, with and without the zip.

I'll be back next week with another Back Blog.  I hope to have caught up with all my back posts by the end of the year.

Take care everyone,

Sarah Liz


  1. Love it.. the fit is just perfect...
    I really like the pattern.. I always seem to like the older patterns..ha
    Happy sewing, and hope you get some rest..

  2. That does look a good pattern; I like ones with a whole wardrobe to offer. And your skirt looks very smart indeed, especially the side pockets. What a great idea re the button to anchor the kick pleat - I always end up splitting the split too :)

  3. Agree this skirt is very flattering on you! And you definitely should make more!!! Comfy and flatteringly stylish make a double win. Certainly hope 2017 is kinder to you. :)

  4. Lovely skirt, a flattering style and pockets make it perfect. Typical RTW quality but I'd trace of that hemline shape very nice.

  5. That skirt looks perfect on you. The pattern is definitely a winner with nice pockets too. TS

  6. I now have skirt envy! (haha) I really like the details of the slit on the back of the skirt, especially the application of the button. Happy Sewing!

  7. what a cute little skirt, the perfect basic to wear with lots of fun tops for summer. I love the look of that pattern. SO may wonderful variations! :)

  8. This skirt is so very you. I can see this skirt in a multitude of colours. Love your little button detail at the back split

  9. You are right. This skirt fits lovely on you. And how wonderful that it's easy to sew as well. I like the button detail too!

  10. Very flattering skirt ,and you can't go wrong with pockets . . . in everything!

  11. Great make, and essentially free if it was leftover from your dress! The fit is great- I don't like tight fitting either-perfect.

  12. Another wonderful make - perfect fit and so beautifully done.


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