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The last of 2016. Rayon Top, Butterick 6175

This week I am posting the last of my unblogged 2016 makes.  This was the first version I made of Butterick 6175: I showed you the second version, made in cotton, last week.  It looks quite different to this one, which is made in a soft, drapey, rayon chirramen.  If you want to look at the cotton version, you will find it by clicking here.   I also describe the changes I made to the pattern in that post. So I will just move on with this top now.  It looks a little different from the picture on the pattern envelope as this fabric has a lot of drape and movement, and I also lengthened the top about 3 cm.  Short tops do not work for me. I really liked the bell sleeves, and I love them in this material. All drape and sway:  The top is a bit that way as well - and you can see how I have a high chest and straight sides as the top rides up at the front and down at the sides - very obvious in this fabric, not so obvious in the cotton fabric. Still, this d

New Top Butterick 6175, Skirt NewLook 6129, and Style Matters cont'd.

My recent spell of sewing muslins and then black, black, black, left me a little depleted on the sewing enjoyment side.  While I was stuck in the long tunnel of black, I saw a vibrant little cotton craft print at Spotlight, for $4.00 per metre - it was already on sale and then it was a 40% off day too. So for $3.60 a piece of cotton was whisked into my bag, ready for my therapeutic sewing post black.  I had also decided to make top from this fabric for our  January Make a Garment a Month theme. I had a pattern that I knew would work for this top. Butterick 6175, which I had already made in quite a different fabric - but have not yet posted.  Next week, I promise... When I first made this top, I was dubious about the shape.  It looked so shapeless and boxy, a bit like me, really, so I thought it would make me look even more boxy.  I did lengthen the top to avoid this happening too much.  But I was not sure how this would work in a firm weave, so was still a little dubiou

The Sewing Week, And Continuing Style at Home, Does it Matter.

Hello everyone, Yes, I know you have seen this top and pants before, but my post this week doesn't have much in the way of pretty pictures.  And, as we are talking about Style at Home, Does it Matter, I thought I would post a picture of one of the tops I wore this week, except with another pair of pants.  The original post with the details of the pattern can be found here... (along with other sewing bits and pieces). And photos of my sewing this week are a little drab, so I had to post something a little more eye catching! This week , in part one of the post, I am going to show you what I have been sewing.  In part two, I have posted an extended reply to your comments from last week's post (Style at Home, Does it Matter, and the Peplum top). Anyway, as the reply to your comments is extensive, I'll just quickly show you what I have been busy sewing since Christmas.   A wear at home cool version of what my DH calls "Blacks".  Normally a t shirt and thic

Style at Home - Does it Matter or Not? and a New Top, Burda 6761.

 Hello everyone, This week, I have written quite a long blog post, so be warned! I am going to talk about Style at Home, Does it Matter or Not.  You will find this section in part two of todays blog post.  In part one, I am sharing a very at home look - my first make of the year, Burda 6761: I was strangely drawn to this unusual peplum style top, goodness knows why, because it is not really something that I have ever considered to be my style.  But as 2017 is going to be a year of exploration, I decided I would go with the strangely drawn to the pattern feeling and make it.  I had a piece of craft cotton in my stash that I have wanted to get rid of for ages, so decided I would sacrifice it in the service of trialing this pattern and getting it out of the system and the cotton out of the stash. I did do a head and shoulders muslin first, because I took one look at the neckline and knew it would fall off me.  It goes right across in a boat shape. I wanted to keep a sense

Happy New Year - SarahLizSewStyle 2017.

Happy New Year Everyone... We all seem to make new sewing resolutions on January 1 -  you know the sort of thing, I shall make all my own clothes, enter lots of sewing competitions, do SWAP in two weeks, etc, etc.  I was starting to fall into that way of thinking too, but stopped myself and asked myself what it is that I want to get from sewing this year.  Which amounted then to a period of introspection...and then I decided I didn't want a goals/plans 2017, but a themes/process/evolution of sewing and blogging during  2017. Retrospectively I have concentrated during  the last few years on making a lot of casual garments, because most of my life is in the ordinary to banally ordinary  category.  You know,  cooking, cleaning, shopping, garden jobs, putting out the bin and so on.  This was good in that I actually got a lot of sewing practice on garments that did not really matter, so to speak.  Occasionally I have made dressier garments, but still with an eye to ordinary life