The last of 2016. Rayon Top, Butterick 6175

This week I am posting the last of my unblogged 2016 makes.  This was the first version I made of Butterick 6175:

I showed you the second version, made in cotton, last week.  It looks quite different to this one, which is made in a soft, drapey, rayon chirramen.  If you want to look at the cotton version, you will find it by clicking here.  I also describe the changes I made to the pattern in that post.

So I will just move on with this top now.  It looks a little different from the picture on the pattern envelope as this fabric has a lot of drape and movement, and I also lengthened the top about 3 cm.  Short tops do not work for me.

I really liked the bell sleeves, and I love them in this material. All drape and sway:

 The top is a bit that way as well - and you can see how I have a high chest and straight sides as the top rides up at the front and down at the sides - very obvious in this fabric, not so obvious in the cotton fabric. Still, this does not bother me, I think it sort of adds to the look, and the fabric is so fluid and slippery it is going to ride up on my high chest whatever I do.

So, I will just move on now to show you the pictures:

This top is a much needed dressy addition to my wardrobe. While my life is very casual now, and I live in a very casual sort of place, there are times you want to look dressier but not too much so. This top fits the bill nicely.  And if I go to Sydney, I can easily dress this top up.  I look for maximum versatility in my wardrobe.

The skirt is made by me as well.  It's a lovely little Kwik Sew Pattern and it my stand by for quick straight skirts. This skirt is a stretch cotton sateen.  If you want to see the skirts I have made using  Kwik Sew 3765, please click here.

Well, that's it for this week, and that's it finally for 2016.

Replies to your comments. 

Before I go, I just want to thank you for your comments last week.  I think I may install Disquis soon, as I think that will work, and then look at any points you raise that would work nicely for a blog conversation.  I have found that raising your points in a blog post works well, but I think I also want the communication versatility of a platform like Disquis.  I also wonder about Wordpress.  What are your thoughts about these two platforms, and does it bother you if I use either of these?

Style Notebook.

I want to develop this idea on a regular basis on this blog.  I am busy with a lot of paperwork at work at the moment, so can't really start this until March. 

That's it for now, I'll be back next week with the pants that fit nicely.  Yes, the holy grail of pants making has finally arrived, for me at least. Actually, I think the holy grail was forced out of hiding, because I have spent lots of time and energy trying to work out how to fit my funny little shape. More next week...

Have a wonderful week everyone, wherever you are.

Sarah Liz


  1. Hi Sarah, I really like the top. I think this is my favourite as it suits the drapey viscose you have used. I also think the first photo, where it looks as if the top has a gentle hi-lo hem suits you. Hope it is a good top for your super-hot weather. Re Disqus and Wordpress, I have always found Wordpress easy to comment on, and got into difficulties with Disqus, but that's just me. Trish S

  2. Great top Sarah -I love that it's so versatile

  3. Great top Sarah. I like the hi low style on you.

  4. Love that patterned fabric, the colours in it are lovely. And the fabric suits that top so well.
    I had never heard of Disquis so just looked it up. Sounds like a pretty good idea... if it works?! I was going to change my blog to Wordpress (I set it all up) but then didnt know how to transfer the blogger posts to it so its just sitting there! Wordpress is easy to use, navigate and comment.

  5. Love this top, the colours and the drape of the fabric are perfect.

  6. Such a sweet little top! we all need pretty basics in colours and prints, other than neutral solids, that work with everything else. This looks like it's going to be a goodie :)

  7. This is lovely, a very chic top in perfect fabric. I really like the bell sleeves, which look cool but elegant. It will really be a go-anywhere garment. I'm off to check out that skirt pattern now. Have a great week Sarah Liz.

  8. I love the bell sleeves. This fabric has such perfect drape. The top goes so well with the skirt. You can definitely dress this up or down as you wish. Very beautiful!

  9. I love this pretty top too. Looks so nice on you. I am thinking to install Disquis to my blog as well. Happy Sewing!

  10. I love your top and I really like Disquis -- so easy to know when someone responds and you really can have a fruitful discussion via threads.

  11. Love this top too! Like the length on this one too and of course those sleeves! Always interesting to see how the same pattern sews up different using different fabrics. Wordpress and Disqus.... no opinion really. So many bloggers are switching to Wordpress that I thought about it too. But after checking into it, decided to stay with Blogger, a platform I've already felt like I've figured out. But that doesn't help the commenting situation as I understand some folks have trouble commenting on the Blogger platform. A few of my blog readers read my blog, then comment on IG.... and I've found I do the same sometimes too! It's hard when you have multiple social media platforms to keep up with everybody and everything..... as you can tell with the lateness of my commenting here today. So I'm clearly no help at all. Be interested to see what you decide to do. :)


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