Sunday, February 19, 2017

Going Green

 This month I have been feeling a little on the wan side, so I decided to take a break from blogging and concentrate on doing jobs that needed doing - accounts, tax, all sorts of boring things. And I took a few days off to concentrate on sewing, which did me some good.  I thought I would quickly show you what I have made.

Last year I purchased about 3 metres of backing cotton for quilts.  It's quite a low grade cotton, and I normally wouldn't buy it, but at $3.00 per metre for a 260 wide fabric, I thought it would be ideal for wearable muslins and pattern testing.  And I knew the colour was coming into fashion.

Now, I know quilters must buy large quantities of this sort of fabric all the time, but I found it rather daunting looking at a cumbersome block of fabric - and it was block like, this cheap grade cotton was very fibrous and cardboard like in texture.  So, I decided to sew it up all at once.  And I love the results - a few much needed bits of colour to pep up my bland wardrobe.

The jacket I love.  I have had the following pattern for an unlined cotton or linen jacket  in my stash for some years, and thought it would work for this fabric:

And it did!

I also made a pair of pants:

Using a Lisette pattern, again from Butterick:

I know a few of you are interested in my thoughts on this pants pattern, and I will enjoy sharing them with you in March.  I will tell you though, that I like this pattern.  I did have to alter it to suit my shape, but it was a nice pant to make and looks nice on.

A skirt - I used an old McCall's pattern which has a front fold and split, which you can't see clearly on this photo. You can see the wrinkles, because I haven't ironed it yet!  I adapted the pattern and added slanted pockets.

And, last but not least, a princess seamed dress, which looks absolutely awful on a hanger, but absolutely fantastic on.  I guess that is better than fantastic on the hanger, but awful on.  And, many fitted dresses do look awful on hangers - they are made to be worn and filled out by the contours of the body. That's why I take photos of the garment I make being worn by me - because it shows what the garment really looks like on somebody.  

And the pattern used was another McCall's pattern:

Again, fitted and modified a little, but this was a really nice dress to make up and is on the list for remaking one day...

As for the comment situation, I tried installing Disquis, but there is some sort of incompatibility with Blogger and Disquis, and I think I have to recode bits of the Disquis installation in order to make things work.  Now, sometimes I am in the mood for that sort of headache, but more often not.  I have headaches enough with problems to solve in my everyday life, and I don't need more!  So for the time being I will stick with good old Blogger comments.

That's it for now, be back blogging soon.

Take care, 

Sarah Liz