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Going Green

 This month I have been feeling a little on the wan side, so I decided to take a break from blogging and concentrate on doing jobs that needed doing - accounts, tax, all sorts of boring things. And I took a few days off to concentrate on sewing, which did me some good.  I thought I would quickly show you what I have made. Last year I purchased about 3 metres of backing cotton for quilts.  It's quite a low grade cotton, and I normally wouldn't buy it, but at $3.00 per metre for a 260 wide fabric, I thought it would be ideal for wearable muslins and pattern testing.  And I knew the colour was coming into fashion. Now, I know quilters must buy large quantities of this sort of fabric all the time, but I found it rather daunting looking at a cumbersome block of fabric - and it was block like, this cheap grade cotton was very fibrous and cardboard like in texture.  So, I decided to sew it up all at once.  And I love the results - a few much needed bits of colour to pep up