The end of Greenery, with McCall's skirt M5336

 I finally got to the end of my 3 metre x 260 cm piece of green quilting cotton - I just managed to squeeze out this skirt.

It's hard to see from the picture, but this skirt actually has it's kick pleat at the front - if you look closely you can just about see it.

I used McCall's M5336, a long OOP pattern:

 The line drawing will give you a good idea of the pleat/split detail at the front of the skirt:

I modified the pattern top suit my shape - which basically meant pulling out a pattern that had been previously modified and shaping this skirt to match it.  Sort of 8 hips, 14 waist.  And I added slanted pockets at the sides of the front of the skirt:

The pleat sits at the front like this:

The pleat did not finish nicely inside - per courtesy of the pattern instructions, so next time I make this I shall finish this area quite differently.  It was sort of overlock, cut seam, and fold hem, leaving a raw edge at the top of the split.  I covered that with bias binding and then did a block of decorative top-stitching outside so that the fix looked deliberate. I guess the binding and top-stitching reinforce the area nicely:

And of course, a lapped zip, my usual, especially when I can't get an invisible zip to match. A skirt hook and eye closure underneath:

I made the waist quite large, and I think this works nicely, as it sits just a bit down from my waist.  I do think it feels comfortable this way.

With no pleat at the back, I do not have to worry about getting the back split/pleat in the right place, something I never quite seem to achieve.

Quick views now:

That's it for this week - a short post, but I am really tired today, and was most disinclined to even write this. But I wanted to put the green behind me, and then move on blogwise to something else!

So, I'll sign off now and wish you well, and see you next week, hopefully a little more chatty than I am this week.

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz


  1. It is a nice skirt pattern, with the kick pleat an interesting detail. I was quite shocked the first time I made up a pattern which left a section of raw edge, but in recent years it has occurred much more often. Oh for the good old days of perfect couture instructions! You picked a good month for the wearing of the green :)

  2. It is a lovely skirt and you look great in green. I like big waistband too, I feel more comfortable than the small one. Hope you have time to rest. xx

  3. Instructions can be so lapse these days. Big manufacturer methods, which frustrate me as one of the reasons we sew is to avoid the poor quality made off the peg. Really like this skirt on you. The fit is lovely and its a great style. It also looks great in the green. hopefully a good go-to for your wardrobe.

  4. I've loved all your green makes -they are certainly not Muslins in my book !

  5. A great green make (I still can't believe how much you managed out of the yardage!). The skirt I'm making, nearly finished, has the same issue at the top of the pleats. I struggled to try to finish nicely - still don't know how I could.

  6. Enjoyed viewing your Green Wardrobe!

  7. Wow.. that beautiful green fabric has made lots of items..
    I really like the skirt pattern, I like that kick pleat in front, Have never done that before. I will have to try to find that pattern.. really like...
    I made a skirt last week.. It was one of the patterns that you made a couple years ago, and I really liked it. I have made the pattern several times.. So comfortable.
    You choose patterns well... [ I can't seem to see the end results just looking at the pattern.ha] thanks for always sharing ..

  8. I enjoyed seeing all of your green makes. You really accomplished a lot with this fabric.

  9. I've enjoyed seeing all your green makes too! It really is such a lovely fabric and you look great in green. Your lapped zippers are always so well done. :)

  10. Perfect little skirt and interesting the vent at the front, how does it feel when walking, well I suppose I stride so that would be a different feel as well.


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