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Back Blogging - Grey Lisette Pants and A Skirt and a bit of Fitting Trivia.

Today I want to bring my blog up to date - I have two unblogged garments. They are both quite simple garments, and the pants and skirt are both using patterns I have tried before. The pants were made from Butterick 6331.  I have already written a post about the making of these trousers,  which you can find here. , so I shan't talk more about this here. What I do want to talk about is the dreaded issue of fitting pants.  Some people have bottoms that seem to be the right shape for whatever pattern it is that has been chosen. I am not one of those people, and I suspect many of you are not in the pants patterns fit me category either. I think most patterns are drafted for more generous bottoms than I have.  Perhaps with slighter larger and curvier bottoms, hips and thighs.  Incidentally, I just read the other day that standard measurements were set years ago using a small sample (25,000) of white, lower middle class women.  I am not sure w

A Little Knit Whimsy: Marcy Tilton Cardigan, Vogue 8975.

A few weeks ago I made this little Whimsy out of a cotton knit that was in my stash.  It had lived there for some years, mostly because it was a strange sort of colour, ostensibly navy, but it looked very red when seen with navy.    And so it didn't quite go with navy, or many other blues for that matter.    And when I pre-washed it, the red factor was confirmed, because the knit bled quite a bit -  there was  a lot of bluey- red in the water.  I wondered if I should toss it, but decided to try and fix the dye. It took me two attempts to fix the dye, so that I could actually use this fabric without fear of it accidentally tainting another garment in the wash. The knit was also awkward in that it had lots of holes in it. Deliberate holes I mean, knitted into the fabric in diamond pattern at quite frequent intervals. So I couldn't use it for a top, without it needing something underneath. And there was the problem of the strange colour, not navy, not purple, not black.

A Fitting Post...

 Hello everyone, Before I start todays short post, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and blessed Easter time, whatever your spiritual tradition. Today I am going to talk about fitting because in my post last week  I wrote  that I did not always bother to fit what I call my hack garments. Things quickly made that are going to be worn around the house and for chores. That look smart, and are quick to make.  Of course, amongst sewers, this is not always the done thing, because we do like to look good. And, sometimes, fitting is not what I want to do.  If I have a lot of frustrations in real life, I sometimes need to make something quick and easy with minimal fuss to restore emotional equilibrium.  I just sometimes need to sew things out of my system. As you know, I often do take care with fitting, but not always with t-shirts!  With regards to last weeks t-shirts,  many of you felt that taking out fabric in the middle of the back was the sort of alteration that

T Shirt DeStashification and a Fitting Discussion.

Every so often, I get annoyed with small pieces of fabric gathering dust in the small pieces of stash basket.  I add to it regularly when I see remnants that I like, all too small, of course, to make anything with, but ostensibly purchased to do muslins with to check fit. That's what I purchased the red stripe knit and the raspberry coloured knit for. But I thought they were were deserving of a better fate, and they both became garments to be worn. As many of you know, I don't really like sewing knits, more because I am not very experienced with sewing knits.  I did find that these two tops were a little easier to sew than some of my previous knit garments were, so I guess I'm starting to get the hang of them. My first make was the little red striped t shirt, my Make a Garment a Month garment: The stripe fabric was a 0.50 x 112 cm remnant, a cotton stable knit jersey.  I had a small piece of red cotton jersey in my leftover bits and pieces.  I thought I coul

April Fool's Day - A Surprise Post...

Hello everyone, Yes, I have a cheeky smile on my face, because today is April Fool's Day.  And this post looks like it is going to be about a t-shirt, but no, I'm actually doing my first post about lingerie.  I've just completed my first bra, and was not going to post my opening picture showing me in a bathroom selfie,  wearing my first bra attempt: I've actually change the picture a bit, by using photoshop - this is a water colour rendering of my original photo, which was a little too candid for my liking! The pattern I used was one I stashed some years ago, with the idea that one day I would be made enough to attempt to make these things!  It's Kwik Sew 3594. As you can see, it has been drafted by Kerstin Martensson, so it is a nice little make.  Before I made this bra, I watched a Craftsy course called Sewing Bras: Construction and Fit, by Beverly Johnson.  This class really takes you through the materials and steps needed to make a bra. I