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Hand Knit Time.

Hello Everyone, The smile on my face is not quite how I feel at the moment.  My husband and I have a very distracting problem at the moment, and I have to admit to two very sleepless nights this week wondering how to solve it.  I will tell you more about this when the problem has resolved, which it will, either in days, weeks or potential months.   Because I am busy in real life, I really do not have time to reply to your weekly comments. They have all been read and appreciated though.  Many of you were interested in last weeks post about drafting trousers.   Some of you have expressed interest in knowing more, and I will enjoy sharing that with you one day, but for the moment I have put this class aside as I do not have the time and energy to dedicate to it. For now I must do Tried and True techniques and plan Simple Sewing projects.  For the same reason, learning about Bra making is also on hold.  I have pulled out some knitting though, because that is simple to d

A Fitting Tail...

 Hello Everyone, I have to admit that at the moment I have limited time for blogging and social media, due to the annoying disruptions of that thing called Real Life.  Still, this happens to all hobby sewing bloggers, so I just fit in what I can when I can.  I think I've kept up to date with most of your blogs. This week I just wanted to share pictures of my tail.  And tell you a fitting tale, in extremely brief form. The above picture is a quick muslin of a Burda tapered pant pattern.  It is designed to sit lower on the mid section than the waist. I can't wear that sort of style - that sort of style just falls down on me. I also nowhere near fit the measurements of any commercial pattern.  A 28 inch waist, to 34 hip, and 34 high hip just is not going to be easy to adapt from any pattern.  Plus I also get a saggy backside and something not quite right about the crotch area. Tracing and making pattern modifications took about 3 hours. But, look at this:

A New Top for Sew Merry May, Simplicity 8216.

I've been having a strange life over the last few months and it has affected my sewing time quite a bit.  But on Thursday, I decided to just have a day to myself to sew.  And I worked on my May garment for the Make a Garment a Month project.  Our theme this month is Sew Merry May, and I thought this lovely cheerful fabric was Merry enough. The fabric also reminded me of the sort of fabrics I liked years ago as a teenager.  And the flowing style was also reminiscent of teenage memories. The sewing of this top, though, was anything but Merry.  The fabric is a slippery rayon twill like fabric, and it misbehaved the whole way through.  Plus my attention was not good - if I have had things in real life that are draining, I find that it takes me a while to fire up my sewing brain again. But, with lots of sighing and unpicking and what not, I got there! The pattern I used was Simplicity 8216: I had previously done a quick toile of this top.  I usually use size 8 around