Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Fitting Tail...

 Hello Everyone,

I have to admit that at the moment I have limited time for blogging and social media, due to the annoying disruptions of that thing called Real Life.  Still, this happens to all hobby sewing bloggers, so I just fit in what I can when I can.  I think I've kept up to date with most of your blogs.

This week I just wanted to share pictures of my tail.  And tell you a fitting tale, in extremely brief form.

The above picture is a quick muslin of a Burda tapered pant pattern.  It is designed to sit lower on the mid section than the waist. I can't wear that sort of style - that sort of style just falls down on me.

I also nowhere near fit the measurements of any commercial pattern.  A 28 inch waist, to 34 hip, and 34 high hip just is not going to be easy to adapt from any pattern.  Plus I also get a saggy backside and something not quite right about the crotch area.

Tracing and making pattern modifications took about 3 hours.

But, look at this:

Yes, that's my bottom again, in another pattern.  Perfect!

So how did I get to this stage.  Frustration. Frustration with spending hours altering patterns to still get a poor fit.  The front of the Burda pants is not great either.

So, when Craftsy sent a marketing email saying that they had a special, all classes US$20, I decided to enrol in a Pants Drafting Course by Suzy Furrer.

Now, as it so happens, this was not a good week to do this class.  I put Thursday aside for a whole day session so I could concentrate, but that was the day a few problems appeared, that also needed attention over the weekend.

So I quickly rushed through, a bit here, and bit there inbetween interruptions (not a good way to learn anything new).  And quickly stitched up the result.

I am very pleased with the back of this self draft. The front has problems, but I can easily sort those out as they are easy  and deal with when self fitting.

And, I think I made a few mistakes with the draft in any case, due to my lack of dedicated attention time.

Still, the self draft concept is going to work.  For now, I am satisfied with what I have achieved.

When life settles down, I will go back to this class, check my draft is correct.  If not, I will alter.  If it is, I just have to modify this toile and then learn how to adapt for different styles.

What I did learn though was that the crotch shape of commercial patterns is completely the wrong shape for my measurements.

As for Me Made May, I'm afraid I have had little time to participate.  I have decided to abandon Me Made May this year, as it is a stressor for me at the moment, not fun.

But I have had fun in finishing a handknit, which I shall share with you next week.  That will be a fitting end to May.

See you next week,

Sarah Liz


  1. Very few if any people fit commercial patterns as the crotch area is just wrong for woman's shape. Add in differing body shapes and I'm not sure that any ever fit. I like Suzy Furrer's approach but haven't gone down that route as yet. I agree that you need time and concentration when you're doing something new. Look like you're close though.

  2. Wow what a difference in the first and second muslins. I purchased one of Suzy Furrer's pants classes too but haven't had the time to go through it yet. This is encouraging though!

  3. Great result! I did buy Suzy's classes but can never find the time to watch them. Wonderful idea to block a complete day for it!

  4. Brilliant fit, and you are amazing finding time to do the class. I should do the same, I just go through life with baggy-back pants :( I am just trying to figure how you get such good photos of your rear view!

  5. Wow - what a great fit on your draft!

  6. You got a great fit! I'll have to check out that class. I've recently discovered Craftsy classes and just love them.

  7. Frustration, indeed you must have had, but your hard work paid off. The second picture looks great, and that is a beautiful periwinkle color. Shorts are on my list of summer things this year, and I want to move on to pants hopefully I can find a pair of short that work, but sure I'm going to have a lot of frustration too. I am finding that the Indie patterns are fitting me better then the Big 4. Will look forward to seeing you when you can stop in, I know life does pop up doesn't it.

  8. Congrats Sarah Liz on the pants fitting progress! I know you have been trying to get pants to fit your body for awhile and these look the best so far!

  9. I think the fit looks good. I may have to take this class. I do understand how real life can get in the way and MMMay#17 is not working for me either.

  10. Wow, what a great fit. Please show us before and after on the front too, when you get it sorted.

  11. What an amazing job you did fitting.. Proud you got the class.. SO sorry live happenings , interfered with your class day.. But, I think you got it done anyway..yea.
    Happy sewing.

  12. Wow, that self draft looks amazing! Would you post the pattern pieces on top of each other for comparison? I would love to see the differences.

  13. You did a great job, Sarah! Thank you for sharing the informative post. I am looking forward to seeing next post.

  14. Wow what a difference. Hope life is less hectic soon and you can indulge your hobby again. x

  15. I am struggling with the Me made May too. I should never have entered due to most of my month in a uniform! Did have some days off last week with my Mum, but there was no time for social media. Love the fit of these pants on you. I have often wondered about a cratsy class. If you made these with distractions and they are good, just think, with more time you can get to the perfection you yourself are seeking.

  16. Oh wow!!!

    When I first started sewing, I bought a couple classes but decided that format wasn't quite right for me and how I learn. But I am willing to give it a shot for this!

    I can get a fairly decent fit from a few brands but you got a REALLY good fit here!!

  17. Wow! That's a very good fit with your self draft! I also struggled with pants fitting. It took years for me to get it right. Yours look brilliant!

  18. I'm glad you were able to get the right fit. I'd love to take some classes starting next year. I've so much going on at the moment so I totally relate about real life getting in the way of our hobbies.

  19. Your selft drafted pants back looks amazing, well done. I tried this in a class but the fractions did me in, one day I will get back to it.