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The Remaining Plaid - now made into Vogue 9018.

Hello everyone, My latest make is a rather rustic and homespun looking PollyAnna Practical meets Margaret Howell, but I rather like it! I'm wearing leggings and socks, but I think really, except for Autumn layering, I would  wear tights.  Except on those really homespun and cosy sort of days, of course.  I mean, Margaret Howell often puts socks on her models, quite unashamedly. I am still a bit behind in replying to your comments but hope one day to be a little more disciplined in transition in the SLSS household, so I am a bit preoccupied with what that will mean in practical terms.  I will tell you more next week.  But for now, on with this weeks post: Last week I showed you my recently made plaid shirt (post here): The backstory - I had purchased a piece of cotton flannelette from Spotlight when it was on sale - $2.50 per metre.  I purchased 2.5 metres (150 wide).  After I made the shirt, I had a leftover 1 metre piece plus a piece

I'm back blogging - In Praise of Imperfect Shirtmaking - Burda 2561.

Hello Everyone, I'm back blogging after a tedious patch in life that my husband and I had to navigate.  Not interpersonal issues, but a staff problem.  My husband works solo, and his secretary was ill.  100% staff absence is not really a very good way of operating.  Plus he is overloaded at the moment.  I stepped into the breach where I could. Anyway, for now, the problem is resolved, and I have thought of a number of ways we can function should this situation arise again. As I suspect it will, in one shape or another. So, by the time I got back sewing I was quite stressed and frustrated.  And decided to make a plaid shirt is a loose weave flannelette.  Nothing quite like adding to the frustration levels! So thank you all for your lovely comments. This week I hope to get back to normal and actually reply again to your comments. So, on with the shirt: I decided to use a simple style with minimal seamlines and a bit of shaping, so rummaged through my patterns and sett