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The Skirt to Sleeve Transformation - with the help of Simplicity 1255.

 I nearly didn't blog today, as promised to you last week, because I am so tired.  I did three months of outstanding accounts yesterday and I think I saw them all last night instead of sleeping.   So today I am a little lacklustre and will keep this post quite short. Last week I showed you my knit dress, also made in this fabric.  The original piece of fabric was 1.45 metres of 150 wide knit - and after I made the dress, I had a strip left over.  I made a little skirt out of that, but it was just too short for my liking.  I had already so fallen in love with this fabric that I had purchased another piece to make a jumper to go with my casual clothes.  I then realised what I could do.  I rememberd this patterned: This top has drop shoulders, and I already knew they sat quite low on me, as I had made the top before - just a wearable muslin out of remnants.   I realised I could get the sleeves out of the little skirt.  And then a top from the 1.55 piece.  Which would le

Winter Warmth Knit Dress, based on Burda 8998.

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. Suffice it to say, real life needed attention, and there has been little  time for blogging or social media. Whenever I have a full plate of responsibilities, I tend to choose easy sewing projects.  And when we had a cold snap (it has been quite cold for Newcastle) and concurrently Spotlight had a sale of a knit that I have been watching all winter, I put the "easy sewing" and "knit I want" and "it's cold and I want a warm dress" together and decided to make a warm, woolly looking knit dress. I have always wanted to knit a dress, but I don't think I will get around to that for about a decade yet, so this dress also addressed that reality. Before I continue with this post about the dress, though, I just want to reply to some comments that some of you left on my last post: This was a Burda Miss Petite pattern.  I am a petite, and Anne asked if this pants fitted me well.  The answ

A Sorry Sewing Saga Success - Burda 6889.

I managed to make these trousers this week.  It doesn't take me long to make trousers, because I sort of know what to do automatically now.  I often sew in the morning and evening before and after the days activities as well, so if I am familiar with the construction of a simple garment it is a fairly quick process. (Before I continue, the pictures on this post are quite small - partly because there are quite a few, and partly because when I make them larger, the resolution was very poor). I decided to make up a Burda Miss Petite pattern.  I do find that most trouser patterns don't fit me well, and look a bit woeful from the rear end.  As I am a petite I wondered if this range of patterns would work better for my shape.  I chose Burda 6889. I chose the tapered pant version. As this is my official July Make a Garment a Month garment, I also chose a piece of black corduroy (from Spotlight) that had been washed and stashed some years ago - our them thi

Finally, a New Direction

New directions come in many forms, and often they are inter related.   In my case, it is that my husband is changing direction with his career, and will be self employed only, instead of having a steady income from public hospital work.  Of course, he is at an age and stage where he should have a lighter  workload.  He has built up a medical and palliative unit in a local hospital.  But of course  his change of course also affects me.    On one hand, I am quite please about it, because we may finally have time to sort out a lot of things that need sorting out.  On the other hand, will my sewing time decrease???  Because I will have to increase my practice work to make sure the income is there.  In short, manage the business properly and get the accounts out.  This is not Really my Thing at All. My previous lives have been 1/ Nursing. 2/ Degree in Creative Arts.  3/ Degree in Psychology.  Clerical work  bores me to tears, I am much more interested in the big picture and concepts.  I