Saturday, July 1, 2017

Finally, a New Direction

New directions come in many forms, and often they are inter related.   In my case, it is that my husband is changing direction with his career, and will be self employed only, instead of having a steady income from public hospital work.  Of course, he is at an age and stage where he should have a lighter  workload.  He has built up a medical and palliative unit in a local hospital.  But of course  his change of course also affects me.    On one hand, I am quite please about it, because we may finally have time to sort out a lot of things that need sorting out.  On the other hand, will my sewing time decrease???  Because I will have to increase my practice work to make sure the income is there.  In short, manage the business properly and get the accounts out.  This is not Really my Thing at All. My previous lives have been 1/ Nursing. 2/ Degree in Creative Arts.  3/ Degree in Psychology.  Clerical work  bores me to tears, I am much more interested in the big picture and concepts.  I have to play all sorts of games to get myself to do any sort of admin type of work!

So, with a change in the big picture of life, I have decided it is time to perhaps change my life a bit as well.  So, I am tossing out my old study books, which was a bit strange at first, but now it feels right.  I certainly do not buy the Kondo claim that you toss first and then the new will be shown to you.  I am too logical for that.  I have been thinking about what to do next, and now I am investigating avenues of interest. While I have not yet made up my mind (but I am working on it) , I do know that these books will not be needed again:

So, slowly I am taking books up to a quirky little second hand bookshop, which just happens to be opposite Spotlight.  And the owner of said quirky shop says he will find a good home for them.

It's strange how long it can take you to decide to offload, but it starts to feel good after.

The other thing I have done is to review my sewing and style direction.  I am starting to be aware that I really only need casual clothes now, but I want to look stylish at the same time.  In my own way, of course.  I also mostly like to wear natural fibres and comfortable styles.  I have also  figured out that most commercial patterns are just way too much not my shape.  Indies often even more so, geared as they often are to pear shaped figures - fair enough, since many people have this type of figure. Finally it dawned on me that I should explore Japanese patterns, as Japanese ladies are petite (short) and have straight figure types.  I have long tried to get hold of a publication called Mrs. Style Book, but it has been very difficult to order in Australia.  But there is a wonderful lady in Japan who now carries this publication:

The magazine is written in Japanese but is very logical in layout and numbering. Most of the patterns are self drafted, but again, as numbers are universal, language is not an issue.  And if you know how to construct a garment, then sewing instructions are not necessary.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, I love all the outfits in this magazine. They are easy to wear, and will be flattering to my shape.  And they look good.  So I will be making things from this publication in due course.

For those of you who are interested in sourcing this book, the name of the shop is  

I have also subscribed to Vogue Collections, just to keep abreast of the trends:

Many of the fashions are far too over the top, but some are really quite wearable. And you can pick up trends such as pattern and colour, and then raid your stash for the ancient fabric that never got made years ago when it was first in...

And I really enjoy reading it.  I used to subscribe to fashion mags in my youth, but real life and other priorities for spending took over.

As for sewing, I have hit my mid winter slump.  Partly because it is winter, and I hate the cold, and partly because I have been making pants muslins that have not worked out well.  However, I think I am now working out what some of the problems are.  So, I have made a toile today of Burda 6889:

Now, this pattern is not the regular size range, but is sized for Petites. The crotch shape is a little different, and the hip curve is much flatter.  Just maybe this might work:

And yes, it does!  As you can see, the foundation is quite straight through the hip - just like me.  I did add to the waist, because I am still straighter than a regular petite.  And lo, I put it on, and it is "good enough".   Which means a lot better than ordinary sizes!

So, I have found a piece of corduroy in the stash, already washed, and will be making these up as my July garment for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge - find us on Instagram, use #magamsewalong@sarahlizsewstyle.

And feel my mid winter sewing slump slightly dissipating...

Bye for now, need to go and cut these out ...

Sarah Liz


  1. Good luck with the admin. Good practice managers are hard to find but worth their weight in gold. But I suppose that is what partnership is for. I hope you still get to carve out good quality time for you and explore pants fitting more.

  2. Congrats on the new direction! I would love to work with my husband for the final part of our careers. Now that the decision is made I hope you'll find satisfaction in managing the practice. Will you be working regular hours? As for the sewing part, I'm looking forward to see your Japanese patterns made up!

  3. Oh, so much change...but you seem to be thinking it through in a logical way. Good news that you found some patterns that might work! It must add some energy to your sewing plans. Now, that business stuff - I sympathize, admin work does not appeal to me either. I hope you and husband can work out an approach that affords you the deserved pleasure of your age and stage as well. Thinking of you.

  4. I can definitely see the potential of Japanese patterns working for you (love the aesthetic but they don't work for me at all). Good luck with them, and with the impending worklife changes.

  5. Very interesting about the difference in the petite Burda!

    Way to be positive and make all the changes work for you. Hopefully the admin work won't bore you to tears :)

  6. Wishing you well in your new direction! Change is good! Good to hear that you find what patterns work best for you, and have to agree with the indie patterns. They seem to fit me better too.

  7. Thank you for the informative post. I am so interested in this article. I love the pants pattern. It's stylish and classy.

  8. So many changes on your horizon! Hope all goes well with the professional changes and look forward to seeing some of those Japanese designs.

  9. I think Japanese patterns are a good choice, from my experience they often have a lot of ease though. Hope you can find a way to make the admin fun, such a sacrifice you are making for your husband. lots of love.

  10. So glad to hear things might be falling in place for you and your husband. Hope it won't mean less sewing time as I always enjoy seeing and learning from what you share. A while ago, a sweet friend told me.... 'the only thing constant in life, is change' and boy was she right! And Good Luck with Mrs. Style Book!! I have an issue from a couple of years ago and the self-drafting completely stumped me..... so am really looking forward to seeing how you pull those oh-so-cute garments together! Love that publication! Take care! :)

  11. Looking forward to seeing how the Japanese patterns work for you.

    Congrats on the combined change of direction for you both.

  12. I'm excited to see the Japanese patterns. I don't have a curvy figure either so I think those would work for me as well. Good luck with the new direction. Admin work can certainly be boring but hopefully working with your hubby will make it worthwhile.

  13. Good luck with all the changes that you both are going through. I hope that the excitement of sewing some new patterns will help you cope with all the new changes. :-)

  14. Look after yourself with all that is happening. I will be very interested to see the Japanese patterns made up as they sound perfect in shape for you.