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A Bra Break from Sewing - The Watson Bra

The SLSS household has not been well this week.  I did not even feel like sewing a garment.  I had to do something though, so I decided to play around with making another bra.  And unfortunately I made it in a black fabric, so the photos are a little dark and do not easily show detail.  And in keeping with the 70's retro vibe of the Watson Bra, I have changed my photo to black and white. Earlier this year I made a bra using a Kwik Sew pattern.  This was more an exercise in learning the techniques needed to make a bra.  Unlike some sewers, I actually have to practice a few times in order to understand what to do.  I can't just blindly follow instructions as I am not an aural.  I have to immerse and understand from inside out what to do and why. I also need to understand principles behind what I do.  It helps to explain the process. In due course, as I become more proficient in both principle and process in bra making, I shall share more here.  For now, though

A Very Naughty Knit indeed - and another Kwik Sew 3766 top.

This is going to be a fairly short post today, mainly because I somehow wiped out some of my pictures. And I have a sort of modus operandi - finish the garment, take photos (not my favourite thing), blog it, and move on to the next project.  So, I don't have much to share except for the back story and the finished garment. On the plus side, I seem to have sorted out my camera problem.  I was getting poor, out of focus, fuzzy pictures.  My camera is supposed to be set on Automatic, because I am not someone who has any sort of interest in photography. DH suggested that maybe the setting had been accidentally altered.  I think this was the case, so photos may now improve again!  Not promising know me and my thoughts about taking blog selfies!  just made up a batch of unruly sweater knit, I decided it was time to make a simple little t-shirt out of a remnant of cotton/lycra knit that I had stashed.  Only it didn't quite go that way. Things started well en

The Leftover Knit Jacket turned Vest - Burda 7183.

Well, all good things come to an end, although with this knit fabric, I am rather pleased, because it was so tedious to sew and didn't want to behave at all.  I had a strip of leftover knit that I was determined to use, firstly because I love it, and secondly, because it was so awful to sew that I knew that if I put it away to make up some other time, it would never get done.  So it was onward knit. I have a little stash of remnants, and in that I had a piece of black brushed tracksuit fleece, poly cotton mix.  I decided to use that for sleeves and back, and have a patterned front.  But of what?  I rummaged through my patterns and chose Burda 7183:  This is a zip front jacket and I had a zip that was just the right length.  The neckline was bound - and the pattern suggested faux leather. I usually fit a Burda 38, perhaps smaller on the shoulder, but Burda 38 is usually okay.  Now, I usually toile things, but I didn't bother - this was leftovers, and a remnant.

The Knitted Skirt, McCall's 6654.

The knit story continues.  As you know by now from my previous two posts, I rather fell in love with this lovely, fleecy, knit fabric, found at Spotlight for $25.00 per metre (half price).  It is a polyester, acrylic and wool blend and such gorgeous colours.   I first settled on a knit dress (blogged here) and then decided I wanted a skirt. I cut one from the leftovers from the dress project, but it was really too short.   In the meantime, I had decided I wanted a sweater as well, to wear with my plain, boring, black basics.  So I had purchased another piece.  It dawned on me that if I used Simplicity 1255 which had dropped shoulders, (blogged here) .  I could cut the sleeves out of the too short skirt.  That meant I was only needing to cut the body of the sweater - and in turned meant I had enough for a skirt that was nice and long! I used a very simple elastic waist skirt pattern, McCall's 6654: The skirt was quite fitted, according to the measurements given on t