Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Knitted Skirt, McCall's 6654.

The knit story continues.  As you know by now from my previous two posts, I rather fell in love with this lovely, fleecy, knit fabric, found at Spotlight for $25.00 per metre (half price).  It is a polyester, acrylic and wool blend and such gorgeous colours.   I first settled on a knit dress (blogged here) and then decided I wanted a skirt. I cut one from the leftovers from the dress project, but it was really too short.   In the meantime, I had decided I wanted a sweater as well, to wear with my plain, boring, black basics.  So I had purchased another piece.  It dawned on me that if I used Simplicity 1255 which had dropped shoulders, (blogged here).  I could cut the sleeves out of the too short skirt.  That meant I was only needing to cut the body of the sweater - and in turned meant I had enough for a skirt that was nice and long!

I used a very simple elastic waist skirt pattern, McCall's 6654:

The skirt was quite fitted, according to the measurements given on the pattern, so I cut a size 12. I knew the seams of this fabric would easily take up an inch, so went with the more generous size to accommodate this.  I just cut out the length I had of the fabric, and that was that.  The pattern has no back seam, but I added one so that I could add a slit at the back for walking ease, which I need.

I did not use the sweater knit for the waistband, as it would have been far too bulky, and the skirt is bulky enough already. I also didn't have enough.  I found a piece of rib knit in my stash, leftover from something else,so I used that.  I use a casing and thread the elastic through that.  I prefer this method, because I can adjust the elastic to suit my waistline.  I also made the band much wider than specified in the pattern - the elastic suggested was 1/2 inch wide, which is far too narrow for me.  I like a wider, firmer elastic, especially for a heavier knit like this.  I  added a bow at the back so I can easily tell back from front:

I'm afraid that I don't have a good back view, but I am sure you can use your imagination here.  And thank goodness I am small - the knitted fabric is quite bulky and gives a rather rounded look, but that's okay - I will be wearing it with a handknit mohair sweater, which also adds some volume.

Oh, and I can also wear it with the sweater, to make another dress!

  Which will be handy if I go away in winter, because I can take sweater and skirt, plus a black mohair sweater, plus black pants and woolly skirt, and have a warm capsule wardrobe.

Now, I have nearly finished the sweater knit - but I managed to squeeze one more garment out of the leftovers. With a bit of help from a remnant of black tracksuit fleecy.

So I shall continue the knit story next week...

Sarah Liz


  1. Very creative and smart use of this lovely fabric!

  2. Very nice. The skirt with black top and tights are very smart looking. I can see you getting alot of different outfits with these pieces.

  3. I love your new skirt ( I really enjoy wearing them to work ) I have been wanting to make something similar.

  4. You have a whole new wardrobe in this gorgeous fabric. I do like the close up shot which shows us just how lovely it is. The skirt is just perfect and will be very versatile. I can imagine it with sweaters or cardigans in any of the colours in the knit.

  5. I'm loving the whole warm capsule wardrobe. That fabric is gorgeous and it looks so lovely on you.

  6. you really have utilised this fabric so well. I agree its a pop of colour that is striking with black. I love all the garments but the skirt does it for me. Your fabric was a great purchase and I'm drooling over it!

  7. Beautiful works! I love both and your fabric choice. They look cozy and lovely. Well done.

  8. SO the sweater knit fabric.. Pretty colors too.