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Back to Basics - Trousers. New Look 6216.

Hello everyone, I took a week off blogging last week as I was not feeling well.  I have one of the autoimmune rheumatoid disorders, and from time to time have flares.  Probably why I was very tired and irritable when I was away - more so than usual.  Not only do you get pain and stiffness, but also cognitive interference - I could not remember how to thread one of my machines! My husband (who is a Medical Doctor and I often feel a bit like the female actor in Doc Marten!! ) even gave me sick leave the week before last.  I am improving this week and was able to work again. I guess this is one reason I have done the #sewphotohop challenge on Instagram - better to post that to sit there sore and sorry!  Normally I am too busy to do a daily challenge - I always fizzle in Me Made May, but have thought of a way to do this next year... But I digress...back to sewing and these pants.  Sewing was hard work, but I have managed to make two pairs of very simple elastic waist trousers. Bo

A Cardigan-ey sort of Jacket. New Look 6351.

Hello everyone, It might be hard to believe from my smile in the photo above that I am tired and irritable, but in reality I am tired and irritable!  You see, I went away for a week, and I always find that 1/. You are flat out busy before you go away doing all the things that have to be done. 2/. You are flat out busy while you are away, in my case sometimes doing things that had to be done. 3/. You are flat out busy when you come back doing things that have to be done, plus all the catch up washing, plus get back to work. 4/. And sewing has to be even more fitted in around the edges of life, and while away has to, horrors, be stopped completely. And, if that was not enough, I am an introvert and get very tired and irritable when doing a lot of things that make extroverts sing for joy. So, I am tired and irritable!  And my photos are a little careworn looking - especially as I did not pay much attention to detail, having tired myself out cleaning up the back garden a