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Back with BURDA 7646.

 It seems weeks since I last blogged, because it has been weeks since I last blogged.  I have been really busy recently and also very tired.   The two probably go hand in hand.  And the tiredness really shows in today's pictures.  And any social media time seems to have been taken up by Instagram. And I find that really, although Instagram is quite addictive - and there are sound psychological reasons why this is so, which I will not go into here - I do not enjoy it that much.  And it is very intrusive, in it's own way. But I do enjoy blogging. So after I have finished my current Instagram challenge, I will use Instagram sparingly and as an add to my blogging, not the other way around. Today I am quickly going to show you my latest make.  It's a simple dress made out of a Spotlight remnant of a very fine rayon knit.  I think it also has elastane in it, because it is rather stretchy. I wanted a dress that I could wear on very hot, humid evenings at hom