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2018 Make a Garment A Month Guidelines

Hello everyone, This is a slightly different post from my usual posts about garments I have made.  I will resume those next year...And I hope to get back to commenting and posting regularly.  2017 was a bit topsy turvy and challenging so I really found it hard to blog. This post is  a long and wordy post, quite unlike my usual picture and quick notational style that I use for my sewing posts. But sometimes lots of words are necessary... Anyway, without further ado, To Business Some of you know that I facilitate the Make a Garment a Month Challenge on both Facebook (closed group) and Instagram. And some of you don't.  Some of you are visiting this post because you found out about this challenge on Instagram and want to see what we are doing this year. And some of you may be regular readers of this blog but not know that I run this challenge.  And some of you will want to join in. Make a Garment a Month has been running for some years now.  It started with me mentio

Summertime and the dresses are easy...McCall's 7120.

I say every summer that I need to make some loose throw on dresses to wear on very hot days. Trouble is, I don't like this sort of dress, so I procrastinate on making them.  A few days ago, the annual script started again, only this time I pulled out a remnant of rayon and made a wearable muslin.   Now, pull on dresses by their very nature are a bit sack like - they do, after all have to pull on.  I wasn't sure which pull on sack like dress pattern I should choose, but eventually settled on McCall's 7120, a learn to sew pattern:   I wasn't sure what size to make, because I do find I need quite a bit of ease across my back - I am quite an active person and also need to be able to bend over fully as I do back stretches during the day or my back will get stiff and sore. So I settled on my bust size of 34 inches.  I did a quick muslin of my shoulder and arm area and established I needed small shoulders.  As for the neckline, it was nearly down to my n

Going Dotty - Burda 6671

Hello everyone, I finally think I am getting back to weekly blogging.  It sadly went by the way over the last few months while pre-occupied with things in life.  Not that the things in life have disappeared, but are more now a known quantity. So,  I am sorry I have not had time to reply to any of your comments.  I should be back doing that this week.  I did enjoy your thoughts about social media though - and I am sure this will be a subject for discussion in the future.  This week I have curtailed my activity on Instagram, and plan to use it more for chatting to established IG sewing friends and to post blog notices, and of  course, to facilitate the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.   So blogging will be my preferred medium. And I think my colourful knit dress surprised you - you are so used to my rather practical sewing.  I may have more surprises in store for you in the future... ***** The photos I took this week are fairly natural I'm looking tired a