Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Sewing Plans and The Spanner in the Works.

Hello everyone

This year I was hoping to resume my own life again, which got soundly interrupted in 2012 when my husband hit a health hiccup, prompting quick resignations from his staff.  Which just goes to show the calibre of some people.  Years ago, when I worked for someone who had issues I told them not to worry, I would sort everything out that needed sorting out until they were ready to return.  

We did find a new person, but I discovered that the accounts were in a mess and not done for some time.  I had no experience in this area, but sorted this out - which took some years to fully understand. 

I could not continue my studies as I could not devote enough time to a demanding course.  I was not entirely happy with this!

We also moved the business, which also took a lot of my time.

I took on the role as bookkeeper - no experience, but as my husband said, you can do statistics...

And I listen to my husband, as his profession is very demanding. And of course he still has health problems, but does that daunt an Alpha male?  No.

Last year I started wondering what had happened to me and made the decision to start a course of study I had always wanted to do.

Lo, the first week back at work for us last  week and we had 
 no receptionist and will not for a while.

I was looking forward to a quiet week to catch up with sewing, because my husband holds the fort over Christmas...and no senior staff to help him sort out problems.

And I did the accounts and other things that needed doing...

To cut a long story short, we will have to start the process of restructuring.  Our operations are quite different from a few years ago, as are technological innovations.  And of course, regulations and rules continue to multiply...

Meanwhile, I am doing all the domestic support, the accounts, the BAS is due, and I am
taking on aspects of the empty position. Then we will have to work out what we need and can afford, and start the process...

I will have to cancel a few activities for the next few months, and I will not be blogging.  I will not be using Instagram except to communicate with the Make a Garment a Month sewers. And as for my Facebook Make a Garment a Month group, you are a great group already and I will still be popping in from time to time.

I will continue to post the monthly themes for Make a Garment a Month.

And, I will sew in the early morning that I will also still Make a Garment a Month.  Probably simple ones, because you are a bit bleary eyed first thing in the morning!  I often pin something ready to sew in the late evening ...

And, I have made my January garment, which will be blogged one day.  Not my best make - I sewed this on Saturday afternoon - my husband said I really needed to go and do some sewing.

He knows it is important to me and that it distracts me from things and gives a sense of satisfaction.

Thanks for following me everyone, and I will be back blogging sometime in the future.

Take care

Sarah Liz