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2018 Sewing Plans and The Spanner in the Works.

Hello everyone This year I was hoping to resume my own life again, which got soundly interrupted in 2012 when my husband hit a health hiccup, prompting quick resignations from his staff.  Which just goes to show the calibre of some people.  Years ago, when I worked for someone who had issues I told them not to worry, I would sort everything out that needed sorting out until they were ready to return.   We did find a new person, but I discovered that the accounts were in a mess and not done for some time.  I had no experience in this area, but sorted this out - which took some years to fully understand.  I could not continue my studies as I could not devote enough time to a demanding course.  I was not entirely happy with this! We also moved the business, which also took a lot of my time. I took on the role as bookkeeper - no experience, but as my husband said, you can do statistics... And I listen to my husband, as his profession is very demanding. And of co