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Back! From Wadder to Creative Whimsy...

Hello everyone, It's lovely to be back blogging.  The last few weeks have been very demanding with both of us doing everything in the practice. We do now have a new receptionist (so there were the extra demands of advertising and interviews) and it is still early days and she of course needs lots of support and guidance, but we will get there over the next few months. I hope.  And I have got the tax for the quarter finalised, which was a big worry.  I have a pile of backwork to do, plus training, but that will get done. Then I can start resuming my life properly - and I am looking forward to sharing my plans with you soon... Before I go on with this blog, I would like to thank you all for your lovely comments and support on my last post. The first two weeks were very difficult so I thought about you all and your support during that time. Anyway, lets get on with some sewing.  I did manage to sew here and there - very simple things - elastic waist skirts and so on, all