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Refashioning with Simplicity 1316

Hello everyone, Slowly I am getting into a new rythym after the changes of the last few months.  My working hours will remain more than last years and there are things that need addressing on the personal front as well.  Hopefully by Easter I will have a new routine to life - I really do like a structured and orderly life...that way I seem to achieve what I need to do in life.   Ah well, I guess a sewer likes to have some sort of control over things... I probably won't have time to start replying to your comments again until after Easter - but they are all read and appreciated. My latest make is a refashion of a pair of black rayon trousers. Last year I bought wide leg rayon pants - I had decided that I really could not face sewing another pair of boring black elastic waist pants.  Anyway, two washes and a hole appeared on the inner aspect of one of the front legs.  I was very annoyed, but I guess once again that shows the perils of buying RTW. Now, I hate refashions - t