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A quick New Look - another make of New Look 6216.

Hello everyone, This is a very quick make and photo post.  I cut and made these knit pants today, as my chosen Make a Garment a Month project. The theme for April is/was Alternative April.  While I have made New Look 6216 pants many times in a woven fabric, this is my first time in a knit. New Look 6216 is still in print: I had just over a metre remnant of soft, warm, cotton that I purchased for $2.20 (from Spotlight).  While I had enough for the pants legs, I did not have enough for the pocket bag - which is a doubled over construction.  So I raided my scraps of black combed cotton and found two pieces about 9 inches square to do the pocket bags.  Then I needed a waistband, so I raided my scraps of woven fabrics and found a strip of black cotton broadcloth, so that was the waistband sorted out. I did not alter the pattern at all for the extra give that the knit fabric had.  I thought a soft and slouchy look was what I was wanting - I had seen just such a style in the

Bits and Pieces Cardigans.

During my extremely busy period I did not want to sew anything that I felt I could concentration was low and time limited. So, I raided my scrap box and found that I had enough in the way of leftovers to make two teeny cardigans. The fabric is a combed cotton (Spotlight)  medium weight, no spandex, and being so short work well to just keep the air conditioning chill under control. Too fitted and too long would defeat the objective - it's hot and humid here, but when airconditioners are on at work, I tend to just need a little something. These little somethings fit the bill. I also find them handy at home, just to throw on when the temperature drops. Being so small they are easy to carry around in my work bag.  Also, the fabric is pretty indestructible, unlike some of the rayon cardigans that can be purchased - I always find that I pull threads on them very quickly. And some I manage to tear holes into quite easily if I catch the cardigan. Give me a hardy homemade c

New Blouse, New Look 6471.

 Hello everybody, As promised last week, here is the first in my series of simple sew garments.  When time is short, I tend to use sewing as a way of relaxing, and I don't attempt complex garments, knowing full well that I will not do a good job with something that requires concentration.  I also tend to use pieces from my stash that are remnants, or cheaper purchases - this also removes some of the anxiety one might have about attempting to sew a "good" fabric when sewing time is limited. This was my most recent make, and probably the most complex make of the last few weeks.  Because it has gathered cuffs and a collar, and I made it in a fabric that never cooperates with me when I try to sew it. It is  a totally inappropriate blouse for my way of life, but sometimes I just want to sew something that I want to try and sew. And I really liked the look of the tie neck blouse shown on the main picture of New Look 6471: Technical sketch : 

Contemplating a Change in Style Direction

Hello everybody, Behind the scenes I have been busy.  Life is starting to settle into a new rhythm and I am comtemplating various questions of life, such as where to next as far as my own direction in life is concerned. Life sort of sneaks up on you and before you know it, you are in the next stage. Or so it seems to me.  It also seems that way when I look in the mirror.   I really do need to change my style to suit the person I have become.  I still dress like a teenage Pollyanna Practical, but really, I am now a quite educated and accomplished lady who is in the later elegant decades of life.  Of course, most of my life is still very Pollyanna Practical, but I think I need to change my clothing style a bit so it is a little more complimentary to the emerging reality of my appearance and accomplishments. Anyway, while I have been busy sorting out lots of work problems, which are slowly diminishing, I have been making simple clothes.  In fact I have lots of garments to