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Velveteen slouch pants, New Look 6216.

I try and post on Sunday, but yesterday just did not happen.  Not just because I was unlucky enough to get one of my sinus bouts and a very nasty headache and generalised aches, but also because I took photographs inside.  Why was this unlucky?  Well, I don't know if there was a technical reason, or if it was just one of those things one ascribes to the gods. It may be due to the fact that we changed over the light bulbs recently  and my husband is not really that good at understanding colour and wattage. So the replacement light is now  a very gloomy warm white (aka yellow)  inside where I normally take photos.  Whether that impacted on the focus, or whether in my rather headachey and vague state I did not use the right setting (which would not be difficult given I never know what setting to use in any case- I am just not interested in photograpy and only take photos so I can show you photos of garments I have made...) So, this morning I decided to

Me Made May 2018 and Wardrobe Reflections

 Hello everyone, Last weekend my husband and I went to Sydney to celebrate his birthday.  Despite my best intentions I did not find time to do a blog post last week. This week I thought I would share with you my thoughts on Me Made May and what it has taught me about my wardrobe needs and the way I dress, and more specifically what I need to make.  I also decided that Me Made May is not really for me at the moment - mostly because this is a really strange month weather wise and I tend to just wear what works that I have to hand - mostly layers, because it can be cold in the morning and warm during the day.  Some days get very warm and I revert to short sleeve tops, usually worn with a cardigan in the colder part of the day.  Below I am wearing a me made t-shirt (remnants) and me made stretch cotton sateen trousers. And last weekend it was cold, with an icy wind blowing so a me made coat was in order (I am also wearing a me made infinity scarf which does not show much

The Confidence Pant...another pair, New Look 6216.

 These pants may be the confidence pants now, but I can assure you this is not how they started life early this week. I was feeling very jaded and in need of a break, so decided to have a week off.  I still managed to batch the accounts for the last month, attended to a few other work related matters, and went into the office yesterday afternoon!  The joys of being a self employed couple. Of course, I had delusions of sewing grandeur pertaining to all the things I was going to make.  I started and ended the week with making these simple pants...the delusions have well and truly been put into their place! I woke up on Tuesday with a corker of a headache, but this did not deter me from cutting out these trousers.  Once again, I used New Look 6216:   This pattern is designed for wovens, but I wanted to try them out in a stretch cotton sateen.  I have a a pair of baggy stretch sateen trousers, which I have worn to death...they must now go firmly into the dirty