Saturday, May 19, 2018

Me Made May 2018 and Wardrobe Reflections

 Hello everyone,

Last weekend my husband and I went to Sydney to celebrate his birthday.  Despite my best intentions I did not find time to do a blog post last week.

This week I thought I would share with you my thoughts on Me Made May and what it has taught me about my wardrobe needs and the way I dress, and more specifically what I need to make.  I also decided that Me Made May is not really for me at the moment - mostly because this is a really strange month weather wise and I tend to just wear what works that I have to hand - mostly layers, because it can be cold in the morning and warm during the day.  Some days get very warm and I revert to short sleeve tops, usually worn with a cardigan in the colder part of the day.  Below I am wearing a me made t-shirt (remnants) and me made stretch cotton sateen trousers.

And last weekend it was cold, with an icy wind blowing so a me made coat was in order (I am also wearing a me made infinity scarf which does not show much in this photo but you can probably see it around my neck):

From this small selection of photos, it looks like a simple mix and match wardrobe composed of layers is my way of dressing.  For instance, this outfit was for a cooler day (well, about 19-20 degrees, but I feel cold usually, especially in the house, which is a bit on the cold side. Plus early morning and late after noon the temperature is about 10 degrees):

This outfit is a pair of pinwale corduroy trousers (Burda pattern) and a striped  layering t-shirt with collar (New Look, from memory).  It was originally a summer t shirt, but I never wore it in summer because the collar was too hot, as was the fabric. So now I wear it as a layering piece over an old t-shirt.  It gives the t-shirt a new lease of life and looks smart.  Today has been a chores day - including going out to the shops -  so this works for out and about and at home.

What I have discovered is that Me Made May is difficult for me to do on a daily basis because I tend to look the same on a daily basis.  My wardrobe is mostly basics and mix and match - much of what follows in my wardrobe photographs is me made, but there is still about 30% RTW.





Looking inside my wardrobe, it is obvious that I have a preference for basics in classic colours with a few brighter garments here and there. Summer tops do have more colour and pattern, but as you can see, my shirts are once again in plain white and blue.  I also have knit tops which I have not photographed - again, mostly in black!

I tend to wear mix and match separates with a  preference for trousers instead of skirts.  Although I intend to change that, because I do have lots of nice skirts.  Dresses get worn in warmer weather, but again, I tend to often wear tops and trousers - albeit light weight trousers.

For work, I wear bengaline or crepe trousers (black) with a shirt or top.  I usually work behind the scenes in my own office, but if I have to be seen, I tend to put on a RTW office type shirt. I usually wear a smarter cardigan, but will don a jacket when I need to pull more rank.

Jackets rarely get worn, but I think they are just too formal for a regional coastal town in NSW. I would love to wear them, but really, they look out of place here.  I do wear them when I go away to cities or to my hometown of Adelaide. 

I have also put on a kilo of weight, which I needed to do, so I have found my more fitted and tailored trousers are now too tight.  So from now on, elastic waist is the way to go - or if I do fitted pants, they will always be very alterable with wide seams.  And some of my clothes have recently gone because they are just not comfortable - very slim fit trousers, for instance, just don't work for me.  I don't like feeling restricted.   I also have a couple of tops I never wear, so they may get remade into bras.

Because I have also found the my most worn me made garment (along with my me made  dressing gown) is my Watson Bra:

So I will certainly make more of these, when time permits.

And looking at these photoes, it looks as though my style may be casual, but classic.  Elements of sporty and elements of gamin.  Elegant sometimes makes an appearance, but not this month it seems!  It all depends on what I have to do.

I also think a more thought out capsule approach to my wardrobe may be a good idea.  Of course, when I relied on RTW, choices were limited, so my wardrobe was also limited.  With some planning and using my rather large stash in a more considered way, I should be able to fashion a good capsule approach to dressing.  I like this idea, because I am a person who really does not want to spend a lot of time each day working out what to wear. 

For now though, I am concentrating not on Me Made May 2018 but on making some trousers for winter.  That is just around the corner.  Next year I will make a few layering tops in different colours that I can wear for Me Made May just so I can look a little smarter, and also to add variation to my wardrobe.  Not for Me Made May, but for myself. And that, I think, is what Me Made May is for...

That's it for this week, until next week, wishing you all the best, wherever you are,

Sarah Liz


  1. Love your you thoughts on your wardrobe--and the peek into your closet. You do sew a lot of classics that go together and I think you show a clear insight into what's working for your wardrobe--basics that work together with some pops of color for snazziness. I admire how coherent your sewing is.

  2. I think you've achieved what MMM is about - identifying gaps, favourite pieces and your style.

  3. Wonderful that you know your style and needs. like you I am practical , currently I don't have enough time to waste on making clothes that don't work for me. I love MMM but only participate informally ie looking at others posts and wearing my home made clothes as usual.

  4. I think that's such an important part of sewing; identifying what you need from your clothing and what you actually want to sew. Recording outfits, even if it isn't daily, really helps solidify personal style.

  5. Thanks for sharing the thoughts of your wardrobe! The post is really informative for me - and I love the red coat:)

  6. Thanks for the peek into your wardrobe. I always love seeing what others have in their wardrobes. Most MMM participants also find that it helps them to identify gaps. I think it's great that you know your style and what works for you.

  7. What a great summary of what you have discovered doing MMM18. I think you have a distinctive style, and it is solid. You are comfortable in your color choices and your silhouette does not veer away from a classic approach. It's fun for us lurkers to watch the MMM participants!

  8. Loved having a little peek into your wardrobe and have to say I'd love to have your abundant choices when dressing! Adore your red coat and the way you are styled for going out that night! You look very pretty! Sporty elegant, casual classic..... agree that is what I see in your wardrobe choices..... and I think you've got it figured out what MMMay is all about. As we spoke about a little on IG, it is most unfortunate that we don't have some sort of Me-Made-in -November so our lovely Southern Hemisphere friends, like you, can enjoy your other seasonal wardrobe choices. Always feel sorry for you guys.... and in the same breath us Northern Hemisphere folks only get to enjoy the same one season over and over again...! P.S. This is a nice little collar you added to the NL top. :)