Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Confidence Pant...another pair, New Look 6216.

 These pants may be the confidence pants now, but I can assure you this is not how they started life early this week.

I was feeling very jaded and in need of a break, so decided to have a week off.  I still managed to batch the accounts for the last month, attended to a few other work related matters, and went into the office yesterday afternoon!  The joys of being a self employed couple.

Of course, I had delusions of sewing grandeur pertaining to all the things I was going to make.  I started and ended the week with making these simple pants...the delusions have well and truly been put into their place!

I woke up on Tuesday with a corker of a headache, but this did not deter me from cutting out these trousers.  Once again, I used New Look 6216:


This pattern is designed for wovens, but I wanted to try them out in a stretch cotton sateen.  I have a a pair of baggy stretch sateen trousers, which I have worn to death...they must now go firmly into the dirty jobs box.  So I wanted a replacement pair, because sometimes you just want relaxed and comfortable, not fitted and constraining.  

I have already made this pattern up in wovens, and last week I made it up in a knit fabric.
(if you want to see them, you can click on the link on wovens, and knit fabric)

I had a remnant of houndstooth stretch cotton sateen, purchased from Spotlight.  It was 1 metre in length, and 127 wide.  Barely enough, but I know I can about cut a pair of trousers from this width if I take care, and if I can top and tail.

The side front was going to be a contrast, as was the waistband, because there is no way I would have got those out of the 1 metre.  And I like the contrast effect. I used a stretch cotton sateen in black for these - out of my scrap box.
I happily topped and tailed, and then realised that the pattern had a nap. Duhh!  I blamed my thumping headache, which to be sure was not helping.  And I had checked before, and had not noticed the nap.  I think this is because the pattern is so busy.

Then I realised I had not added the extra inch front rise grading to 2 inches back rise.  I had not cut the front at this stage.  I usually chalk the extra onto the fabric - I only have a note to do this on the pattern.  Duhh, Duhh.  

Decide to bin the project...

Okay, deep breath, take a tablet for the headache.  Expectation effect at least might work on easing it.

Put on kettle, make a cup of coffee.

Decided I was not  going to waste all that effort,  and I questioned whether anyone would notice that the front and back legs had the pattern running in different directions.

I decided no, the fabric was so busy, that they would see only the overall effect.

Decided to cut a yoke piece for the back legs, and cut the front with the extra one inch added.  I found another piece of cotton stretch sateen in the scrap box, a heavier weight than the side front and waistband, but it works well for the back yoke.

I also altered the pattern as the cotton sateen was too heavy for double backed pockets. I redrew the pocket piece into a separate side front and pocket bag piece.  I used a white poly cotton for the pocket bag.  I thought this would look better from the front, as a black lining may have shown through.

After the trousers were complete, the pockets bagged out a little too much for my liking, even though I had stayed the curved edge.  So I did some very definite and slightly longer than normal bar tacks - and now the pockets do not pouch out and catch things.

Sewing was a bit of a trial.  I had a stiff, sore back, which is not the best for sewing.  Still, the distraction is good for soreness!  So, I decided that perfection was not needed, and kept going, with a few wobbly seams.  By now it was clear this was not a project in perfection!

And last night, after I had finished work, I spent the evening finishing them.  It was a very good evening!

And, then I tried them on.  I loved them straight away.  I have no qualms now about putting my old sateen comfy pants in the clothes for chores box.  And today I happily wore them, and three people waved me across the road. This is unheard of in Newcastle, so I think the eye catching and confident pattern did the now I call these my confidence pants!

The usual front, back and side views!  I am wearing an undergarment here, not really a stylish look, but really, I want to show you the pants:

(the label on my underthingie is poking out...I did that last week as well...must watch for this in the future!).

That's it for this week.  I am not sure what my next project will be, something simple, I think.  Simple and comforting.  I feel like that sort of garment at the moment.  I'll go and see what the remnant box holds...

Until next week, take care everyone,

Sarah Liz


  1. These are lovely pants. What a great save! No, you're right in saying others won't notice the nap.
    Being tall and wide, I can only dream about 1m being enough to make pants of any description! Actually rephrase that - a garment of any description!

  2. Sarah Liz, you really are amazing. The pants look fabulous, and what an incredible save with the plain black yoke effect. Despite being short, I doubt I could manage to get pants out of 1 metre. Enjoy your Confidence Pants!

  3. Oh that's great pattern tetris! I love the contrast colour and I am impressed that you can get a pair out of 1 metre! They look terrific on too.

  4. Wonderful! I'll bet you're glad that you didn't give up on these.

  5. THese pants are wonderful..Love them.. and they fit you so well.
    You had lots of complications, but you kept on... and now have a really nice pair of pants.. Happy sewing.

  6. Confidence Pant is a most fitting name as these are an eye-catching, professional looking, classic pair of pants! Cannot believe you cut that fabric out with a massive headache as your pattern matching skills are perfect. And the black contrast finishes them off and takes them to an even higher level of finishing detail. LOVE these!! They fit you so well and you look so confident in them!! :)

  7. These were definitely worth all the effort. They look fantastic! Great choice of fabric.

  8. I love your pants! They look really stunning and much nicer in the pattern envelop. Great job matching the plaids on both pants I could see.