Saturday, June 23, 2018

Warm Winter Time Pjyama Top (McCalls 6796) and Pants (New Look 6216)

What do you do when you find a remnant of combed cotton knit with a really fun  print that you absolutely adore, but you know really will not suit you?  Couple it with some black flannelette that is lurking, already washed and dye fixative applied because it bled like made, and then looked quite faded. So the black flannelette was hiding in disgrace in the stash because it is not soft and fluffy like it should be and was a bit of a disappointment.

RESULT:  A really cute pair of pyjamas that have been missing in my wardrobe for years.

I used McCalls 6796 for the top: 

I have made version D in the past, but I wanted to trial the roll neck.  I also found my original top a little fitted in a firm knit, so this time I went up a size to size 12.  I did check the neck circumference before I made it up and it was not going to fit.  Maybe it would in a very stretchy knit (although the pattern suggested a low stretch knit minimun) but it was not going to in my stable knit. So I made the roll collar wider.

Unfortunately, it does not want to sit snuggly - but for pyjamas maybe that is just as well.  It does look nice when folded down: 

(the above photographs show the real colour of the top).

So, I think for a polo neck top I shall have to go back to my pattern collection and find another pattern, or make up M6796 in a different knit and see what happens.  I think too, the size 10 would be better in a stretchier knit. I know the triangular collar version of this pattern does work well.

As for the pants, I used good old New Look 6216:

I made them up as a real pant, because, you never know, they might just get worn as such with a t-shirt on a relaxed day at home.  In fact, they are so warm and comfortable, there might one day be more of these!  A little bow at the back to go with the kimono dolls in the top:

I am quite embarrassed by the poor quality photographs - I took these inside, and my poor camera really does not like the dim lightbulbs my husband put in last time they were changed.  It's too miserable outside still, so I have just had make do.  I am not sure how I am going to solve this problem yet.  Addendum : my husband has told me we will change the lightbulbs.  I didn't want to ask because he is so busy with his medical  practice worries.

 The green colour of the top is also not a flattering shade for me. But I don't care about that, with pyjamas if you can't wear something you like, flattering or not, when can you?

Another of my pattern musings and general photography and lighting woes!

Until next time, take care,

Sarah Liz X

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Gloomy Grey Day Pants...

My poor old camera was really struggling today.  I have been attempting to take photos outside, because the lighting is just so poor in the old house I currently live in.  Not helped by modern energy saving lights. Candles would have a better lux I think...

Outside today is no better.  As you can see, the camera did not take great photos, as it is just too dim.  We have had solid rain for the last 11 days with very grey and gloomy skies.  In fact photographers here use light metres even in the height of a sunny summer day.  When I first came to Newcastle I wanted someone to "open the curtains". It's just so gloomy here.  I am a sun lover - the light levels are just glorious in Adelaide, my Australian home town.  My mood is always good there, here I am often demotivated.  I put this down, amongst other things, to not  having found a niche here, with the result I am quite socially isolated, and to  to low light levels and a very rainy climate.  Even in summer.  I make no bones about the fact that I dislike living here!

Enough of my moans.  I am stuck here for a couple more years, and have a large stash to work through.  Some of my stash I love, and am in no hurry to work through - I'd rather use it for quality garments that will more suit my future self  who will be living back in Adelaide. Some pieces I do not love. This is one such piece.  It was a remnant of polyester (mostly) viscose, a fabric Spotlight tends to specialise in - they have acres of polyester.  I prefer quality fabrics, but really, there is nowhere much to wear them here (moaning again...).

I thought it would make up into a pair of trousers that I could put on over thermals in winter. The default clothing style in regional Australia is daggy casual to downright unkempt, and I really don't want to look like that. These look smart enough and over long underthingies  will be nice and warm.  A nice cardigan and I will look okay around the house, while also being able to move and do things.

The pattern once again, was New Look 6216.  I must have used this a dozen times now, in a variety of fabrics - you can see all the posts HERE.

As I only had a metre of this fabric, I had to resort to my contrast pocket and waistband. The trousers are quite easy to sew by now, but the fabric was a pain to work with.  It frayed as soon as it was looked at:

The waistband was made out of a piece of leftover polyester/viscose gabardine, heavier than the plaid.  I think it has turned out to be a little bulky as the casing for the elastic, but I have come to terms with that!  I am glad I have found out, because I have a some of this gabardine stashed, so I know now that it will not do for an elastic waist pant.

As I sit here writing, we have had another solid deluge of rain.  Wet, wet, wet. Fed up!  So I shall show you the pictures and then go and have some lunch. That might cheer me up!

Actually, the photos look kind of misty and rainy, just like the weather.  I quite like that thought!

That's it for now, I am off for some lunch, and then some blog reading this afternoon.  The wet weather is good for getting rid of the I should be doing something else feeling !

Bye for now,

Sarah Liz.