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The Mystery Blogger Award.

Hello everyone.  It seems ages since I last blogged, and it is certainly quite a few weeks - June 23rd was the date of my last post. Life has been busy with practice work as it was the end of financial year.    I also suffered a little bout of the blues.  I knew this would pass, but I really only had enough energy for doing what I had to so, and no energy left for sewing or blogging.  Plus of course the usual backdrop of domestic chores, but we all have them. While life is still busy, I am on the up again, so am looking forward to resuming blogging, and a few other things as well - but more on that later. I wasn't quite sure how to start blogging again, mainly because I think I want to change a few things in my sewing and blogging life. So I was thrilled when Lisa, who blogs at    nominated me for:  Just to bring you into the picture, a description of The Mystery Blogger Award follows.  I have been a bit efficient here, and have just