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Wearable Muslins - The Jasmine Bra and the Watson Bra

I decided that I needed small sewing projects in my life for a few  reasons.  The first is that I have plenty in my wardrobe so I do not need to frenetically sew casual basics.  The second is that demands in my life have increased and I have less time.  Small projects like bras and panties can be fitted into small time slots. The third reason is that I like making pretty things as I used to make wedding dresses and as a teenager loved making dolls and doing needlework.  The latter two hobbies left my life when I left home to undertake my nurse training at age 17.  Making wedding dresses happened somewhat later in life but I stopped making these after a personal change in my life circumstances that saw me ending up in a different city.  So I thought that it might be fun to echo some of my earlier sewing likes and I think sewing lingerie might just capture the essence of these former pastimes. And another reason - it's BRAugust, hosted by .  This is a