Friday, September 28, 2018

Finally, the Beryl Bomber Dress

A few weeks ago, I finally made the Beryl Bomber Dress by Named. It was on my to do list for over 12 months, and I was determined to get this dress made before Bomber styles go out of fashion.

Before I post anything about the dress, an update on why I have not been blogging much recently. The first is that I have become very busy over the last 12 months, and have rather a lot on my work and personal plate.  So blogging has taken a back seat. The second is that the nature of blogging may well have changed.  It seems to me that many sewers now communicate via Instagram.  So I am finding that not so many people read or comment on my blog. This does not bother me per se as I do no need for validation or for being popular.  But I do think that this change in the media landscape warrants a different approach by me towards blogging.  It will become more a record now of my makes and progress and less geared towards comments and communication.

And as it will be more of a personal record, I may only take photos of garments on a hanger, with any notes that are relevant should I wish to make the garment again.  And some of you may like that approach.

(edited 13/10/2018 - you will find a picture of this dress being worn at bottom of post. ).

And that is what I decided to do with this dress, or it would never get blogged at all.

So, the details. This is the Beryl Bomber Dress, by Named:

The dress is a very simple shape.  The measurements and sizing seemed accurate, but it is sized for taller wearers.  I removed length above the waist and repositioned the casing.  I also wanted a longer dress, so I added length at the hem.  I wanted short sleeves as this will be a spring/autumn dress.  I did not interface the knit collar as recommended because I wanted this to stay soft.  I also used a fabric casing for the elastic instead of ribbon as per the pattern.

I made the dress in a cheap craft cotton - I only paid about $2.00 per metre.  So this dress was both my toile and a wearable muslin.  I followed the instructions which were quite straightforward.  The zip was faced so it has a nice clean finish.

This was a straightforward make.  I have already worn it and I know that when I make the proper version it will probably be better in a stretch fabric - I can feel the sleeves will need that.  I have a lightweight stretch wool that would work, but I also need to find a better quality rib knit for the neck - the poly/cotton blends do pill.  As do the acrylic knits.

Until next time....

Sarah Liz 

Edited 13/10/2018 with picture of dress being worn:


  1. Please do keep on posting SarahLiz. I still blog and read blogs, and find your projects interesting. I don't wear many dresses and don't have this pattern, so probably won't be sewing it. However I think your test garment worked out well. I too check my own blog to see if I mentioned last time what alterations I did!

  2. I always enjoy your blog posts Sarah Liz, but then I like blogging and reading blogs too. Having never heard of a Bomber dress, I was intrigued, and it is a very smart and appealing look. Thank you for sharing the line drawings, which always tell the story for me. The fabric looks very contemporary and smart too, and I think you will enjoy wearing this dress.

  3. This is beautifully made and looks great Sarah Liz.
    I'm interested to hear your comments about blogging because to a certain extent I feel as though my Instagram following is somewhat separate to my blog following. Going by my blog Google Analytics...I don't get as many refferals form Instagram as I would hope, considering my following size, and yet I get quite a few comments on each blog post and seem to have a loyal blog following. I've also read that blogging is having a bit of a renaissance now. I'm also struggling with Instagram as the algorithm can be fickle. I have control over my own internet corner of the world...not an algorithm... and I like that.

  4. This is a great dress even in a wearable muslin, Sarah Liz! I must buy this pattern, I love the style. Thanks for sharing yours, and your notes on its construction.

    Like others here, I also still enjoy blogs and reading & writing them best -- yes, they are a place where we do have control over our content more than other places like Instagram. I enjoy it, but it's so unstable, ie: I just heard that Facebook, which owns it, is considering merging the two - ugh! So we never know how a platform is going to sustain itself while with our blogs we can sort of rely on them existing. Long winded comment to say, keep blogging! I enjoy reading your posts :)

  5. I find I flick through Instagram but don't really engage too much. I read blogs more thoroughly and enjoy them much more. I find I am commenting a little more often on blogs too.
    I love your dress!

  6. It's your blog, Sarah, and you can do as you like but I must frankly say that if you resort to only hanger shots of your garments, you're not going to spark much discussion. And perhaps that is what you intend. The line drawings of this dress are helpful, thanks for including them, but I would love to see it on you. I'm interested in how much cinching is achieved by that elastic at the waist.

    As Mel said, Instagram may change to the point where it's not as useful for showing our creations and we'll all come back to blogging.

  7. Hi Sarahliz, Love your dress.. The fabric is really pretty too.. I had never heard of this pattern. Really like it.. So proud you shared this make.
    I have not been blogging or reading blogs .. As you said, a busy year. So happy your still blogging.. I do enjoy your blog post.. And understand fully,that taking photos of our makes is really hard.. Happy sewing and blogging.

  8. What a great looking dress and I bet it is totally flattering. As for blogging, yep, it has changed but there will always be a core group of bloggers/readers. Keep publishing...please.

  9. I haven't heard of this name for this type of dress. Nice looking fabric. It looks good but like others have said I'd prefer to see it on you.
    I started my blog as an aide memoire for myself but enjoy interaction. I agree that for a time IG took over but feel that is receding now (for the reasons mentioned by others) and that blogging is reviving. Hoping that's the case as I enjoy reading blogs. I haven't been commenting as much or posting as much because life's been crazy but hope to get back to 'normal' soon. I do hope you carry on blogging.

  10. Great dress Sarah! I really love your fabric choice. I would love to make mine for the winter. Anyway, I am inspired by your new project! Well done!