Toaster Sweater Simplicity edition, A Handknit Cardigan and The Bomber Dress being Worn...

 I have no doubt my face says it all. What I think about my test version of the popular Toaster Sweater, the Simplicity edition:

Simplicity Pattern 8529 Misses' Knit Sweaters

 Of course, I imagine myself as looking a little casual and sophisticated like the young ladies in the picture.  I know I am not (although my husband tells me I am very sophisticated and he likes my practical attitude).   But perhaps it is the quality of my knit, which is an acrylic/wool mix, a remnant piece found at Spotlight. I think there is a heavy emphasis on acrylic, which I don't think I like that much.  It's very soft, and was terrible to sew - I managed to get the neckline and cuffs done neatly, but the bottom band just waved and waved.  I removed the first attempt and recut another band, very carefully tacked it on, very carefully serged with differential feed engaged.  And it waved and waved.  So in the end I had to press it, which is not a good idea with acrylic, so the band then stretched out.  Still, I see this in RTW tops as well - and RTW  tops like this in a fabric like this are also not perfect - I have made quite a study of them since making this top!

The overall shape is quite boxy and swingy, and this would have been the case even if the band had not stretched out. That has just made the top even more of a swing top.

And just in case you are wondering, I cut version B, top left hand corner in the pattern picture above. I did not alter the length of the bodice at all, because this was a test version of the shape.  The drape of my fabric is like that of version A, main picture.

Anyway, the practical me prevailed, and whether I like this sweater or not, I have found it the most useful little loungewear top that I currently have and now have some affection for it!

The neckline is a funnel shape, and the smudgy black dot at the back is a pen mark to tell me which is the back of the garment:

The shoulders are very dropped and I found that with this soft knit that a ridge formed at the armhole/shoulder junction.  I have learnt to live with this:

 And the cuffs are okay.  I did find the sleeves very long and had to shorten them quite a bit, but they still turned out just a bit long.  Sometimes I don't mind, and sometimes when they annoy me I just do turn back cuff, which works quite well too.

So, for a wearable muslin, I am quite happy.  I have learnt how a new to me fabric performs, and if I sew this sort of fabric again, I will have some idea what the pitfalls are.

A few pictures and then I will show you my new handknit:

 My handknit cardigan is a little less voluminous, although still short and boxy:

 It's a pattern I have made before, but that cardigan is a long time ago knit and was put to rest ages ago. It's a Cleckheaton pattern for an mohair/acrylic blend called Studio, long discontinued.  I loved all the patterns they put out for this yarn and snaffled all the pattern books.

The yarn I used was Moda Vera Faith, purchased from Spotlight.  It's a wool/mohair/acrylic blend but not as soft as the original.  Anyway, here is a quick picture - with a rather awful white t-shirt and black pants - but I wanted the white contrast to show the cardigan up:

And finally, I do read your comments and appreciate you would like to see the Bomber dress on me to get a better idea of what it looks like.   So here it is, a quick snap - and one problem with taking a picture of bare legs on a cold day when you have been wearing socks is that you see sock lines!  And I am suffering sinusitis so I look quite strained. Oh well, never mind! :

The original post for the Bomber Dress by Named can be found here:  Bomber Dress, Named.

That's it for now. For those of you that read my thoughts last week about blogging and social media, I have decided I much prefer blogging.  It's quiet, I feel settled, and I enjoy it.  Social media seems to invade more, and works at a far more primitive level as far as the physiology of the brain is concerned, and I really don't like it's effects.  I found your comments interesting as well.  So, you will see more posts from me, and I will revert to taking my rather homespun selfies to show you the garment. I am also humbled by the fact that so many of you read and enjoy my blog.

That's it for now, I will be back next week - unbelievably I have 34 unposted garments, mostly very simple constructions,  so I should have plenty of blog material for the next few months!

Take care everyone,

Sarah Liz


  1. I'm glad you are going to continue blogging, Sarah. You always have complete reviews of your garments and give us both the good and the bad, which is good to know. Thanks also for braving the cold to show us the Bomber dress on you. It's less cinched around the waist than I thought it would be, judging by the line drawings.

  2. I do hope you continue blogging. I enjoy reading your blog very much. I don't comment much, but I enjoy your reviews on the items you have sewn.

  3. Love it all! I need to make another toaster.

  4. Enjoy reading your blog. Like the cardigan.

  5. Oh, I do enjoy your blog posts, and look forward to seeing some of the amazing total of 34 garments. Your two knits both look cosy and warm, and I like how you persevere and find solutions. The black cardi is very smart, Chanel-like too. I am interested in what you say about social media. Blogging has always been a soothing activity for me, yet I have felt 'pressured' to use Instagram more. Having subscribed to many sewing Instas, it has become too overwhelming and in fact makes me confused. I am thinking of unfollowing a lot of it, and focussing more on the blog.

  6. Love the shape of the jumper on you. Guessing a less synthetic fabric would be another lever of awesomeness.

    And I am very glad you are continuing to blog.

  7. I'm glad you're continuing to blog. You've really suffered with the sinusitis so I do hope that you're speeding towards recovery now. I love your hand knitted cardigan but I confess that I have seen you in nicer shapes (or is it the pattern of the fabric with the dress)than the other two. Then, my body is a different shape and I'm sure we're all influenced by our own style no matter how hard we try to be objective. I recently got the toaster sweater but I don't think I'll be making it for me.
    34 unblogged garments!! My total garments made don't total that many. Looking forward to reading about them.

  8. I am happy you have made this project work for you and you have worn it despite the fabric foibles. I am even happier you want to keep on blogging. I love your honest , down to earth approach to your reviews , sewing and even photos. Looking forward to seeing your other projects. I agree with your blogging sentiments. My blog is like my sewing diary too. Hope you feel better soon.

  9. I LOVE the Toaster on you! I have it in my fall plans. The collar is really nice and the shape works for you!

    Beautiful cardigan you've knit too <3

  10. Love the dress on you.. The fit is nice and like the fabric you chose.
    Hope you feel better soon.. Happy sewing.

  11. Those cardis are gorgeous! I am in awe of your knitting. I had to laugh at your statement about the toaster sweater as I saw the picture and said "Oh she HATES it" :-) It looks like a useful loungewear top and so be it. I cannot wear that style, especially the boxy silhouette, but I do enjoy it on others.

    Glad you are blogging. I do IG but not for clothing. I have decided that I need a place for my artwork and riding shots=IG is it.

  12. Great works, Sarah! I love all, especially the bomber dress is so lovely. Your Simplicity 8529 is really good for the Fall, and the neckline is perfect.
    I hope you feel better soon. I always enjoy reading your blog:)

  13. I really like your cute, casual 'toaster inspired' top and can see you wearing that lots. Am ever envious of your beautiful hand-knits and this sweater is beautiful in its simplicity, yet lovely details. Beautiful!! Really like the Bomber dress on you! I read the blog post but, like this one, am late in commenting. So I'll comment on both here. Interesting to read your thoughts on social media and honestly I feel the same. This is my hobby, not my job, and I struggle with the time constraints of 'life' enough as it is. Not sure what the answer is for me.... still figuring all that out as I do enjoy the positive benefits both platforms provide. Clearly commenting on my sweet blog friend's makes, like yours here, as been in short supply..... and I hope to do better in the future. Thank you for your thoughts Sarah Liz! :)


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